Mario Kart 8 Weapons that We Want to See in the Game

Mario Kart 8 Weapons

Mario Kart 8 weapons haven’t quite been Nintendo’s main topic of discussion in the months prior to the new games announcement. Nintendo has done a magnificent job of adding characters to the racing roaster but what about Mario Kart 8 weapons. Everything about the game is being new and reinvented in a way and with it we want to see new weapons classic to the franchise within the game. While Mario kart 8 weapons and items confirmation include, item box, coin, green shell, triple green shell, red shell, triple red shell, banana, triple bananas, mushroom, triple mushrooms, gold mushroom, fire flower, star, blooper, bob-omb, spiny shell, lightning and bullet bill; we are hoping to see Nintendo step out of the box and add in some new and interesting Mario Kart 8 weapons, such as the one seen below:

Mario Kart 8 Weapons : Firebar

Mario Kart 8 Weapons Firebar

First of all, there will be an appearance on the Fire Snake in Mario Kart 8 as a level decoy; that’s not what we mean we are thinking Mario Kart 8 Weapons as in items players can pick up and use against other racers and in this case a Firebar. How would a Firebar be used as one of Mario Kart 8 weapons you ask? By attaching it to the kart and having it spin around you much like the triple green, red shells or your typical Firebar in other Mario games. This would be beneficial to the user by shielding them from pesky players trying to ram them off the road and would not be eliminated on contact but rather when a time period runs out.  This would make one of the coolest Mario Kart 8 weapons is our dreams were to come true!

Mario Kart 8 Weapons : Whomp

Mario Kart 8 Weapons  Whomp

Who doesn’t love a Whomp when they see one; which is why Whomp cracks our dream Mario Kart 8 weapons list. What would a Womp weapon do you ask? It would be an item you receive that you can launch at a random foe ahead of you. Whomp would appear beside them and within seconds (letting the fact the Whomp is about to ‘do his thing’) occure to the other player he smashes like the classic way it always happened. To our dream Whomp Mario Kart 8 Weapons addition there would be a catch. Since we think of the possibility of a lingering few seconds the player who is being targeted has a wee chance of escape if they are equipt with a mushroom, triple mushroom or gold mushroom.

Mario Kart 8 Weapons : Goomba

Mario Kart 8 Weapons Goomba

First and foremost, Goomba is a recurring enemy/ decoy in Mario Kart games. That fact got us thinking, why not make them an item to use as a weapon too? Being one of Super Mario’s most known enemies this little guy would make the perfect candidate to our Mario Kart 8 Weapons list. Goomba could be used as a trail. The user sends a trail of Goombas out for the target which in that moment in time the target must run over each in the line or suffer a bad wipeout. This strays from the normal Mario Kart rule ‘stay away from Goomba at all costs’ but could make for an interesting outcome in some heated races.

Mario Kart 8 Weapons : Green Pipe

Mario Kart 8 Weapons Green pipe

Our personal favorite dream addition to the Maro Kart 8 weapons list is the Green Pipe. When you see a Green Pipe the first thing that comes to mind is Mario right? So why not let players use the Green Pipe as one of Mario Kart 8 Weapons when the game releases? The Green Pipe would be used very unique. A player would deploy the Pipe and at random another player would be quickly sucked in. After falling victim to the green Pipe your fate is in the hands of the game, does it but you reasonably to the front of the pack or place you shamefully towards the back? The Green Pipe is a weapon we can truly see happening in the game and our personal favorite to the list. Don’t you think the Green Pipe would make the perfect item to receive in the mix of all other Mario Kart 8 weapons it’s just so fitting!

Mario Kart 8 Weapons : Specific to Character (Bring Back from Double-Dash/ Improvements)

Mario Kart 8 Weapons Yoshi

Last but not least have you ever asked yourself, if each character on the Mario Kart 8 character list had their own weapon what would it be? Well if you haven’t, news the time to ask because we have and we think that would make the game be even greater than it already will be. Mario Kart 8 weapons just wouldn’t be the same (in a good way) if each character had their own unique weapon. Upon hitting an item box what if there was a specialized spot showing your chosen characters face and upon getting that item your character got to use a unique ability to them. Yoshi can harness none other than eggs, give Peach a P wing like in the classics, Luigi can use his Luigi’s mansion vacuum… and the list goes on. We can go on and on with what characters would be able to harness with this special addition to the Mario Kart 8 weapons list!

There are so many more cool Mario related items we could have added to this list but we figured we would leave the rest up to you. Dream a little, if you could make one Mario kart 8 weapons addition come to life what would you choose?

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