South Park The Stick of Truth is More Popular than TitanFall According to Gamefly Statistic

South Park The Stick of Truth rented more than TitanFall according to GameFly

According to it is seen that South Park The Stick of Truth is more popular to rent than Microsoft’s predicted hit exclusive, TitanFall; as of March 13, 2014. Gamefly is the most popular means of renting games in today’s society. The company does an amazing job of getting players the games they wish to play which in turn gives them a great way to see what games are the most desired to be played. On the Gamefly app, a list of games listed from most popular to least popular is shown. On the top games list South Park The Stick of Truth is actually ranked above TitanFall.

TitanFall is a game that created a lot of controversy and a game that was hugely advertised; some go as far as to say that this game could ‘save the Xbox One’. South Park The Stick of Truth can hardly be compared to such a game in terms of gameplay and approach but apparently this game is more popular among Gamefly’s renters. What does this mean?

This means that either TitanFall isn’t nearly as pop-up huge as it was intended to be or that more people decided to invest money in TitanFall opposed to renting it (sales chart statistics would provide more insight on which game more players own). While knowing which game is rented more doesn’t prove much, it is still interesting to know a mass amount of players are preferring to engage in South Park The Stick of Truth single player humorous experience than TitanFall’s aggressive multiplayer. The fact that TitanFall is exclusive to Microsoft might also play a role in this statistic but South Park The Stick of Truth’s Xbox 360 version is still listed above Microsoft’s big exclusive.

How do you see this statistic, is South Park The Stick of Truth more popular to rent because it is not exclusive to a certain group of people or is it because people are still actually enjoying that fun single-player experience that seems to be so rare in modern gaming. While it is certain both games are extraordinary in their own ways, could TitanFall have made a larger impact if something was done differently or is the game just on a rise to fame; does it deserve the title of “Call of Duty killer”? Leave your thoughts about this situation in the comment box below to join the discussion!

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