Nintendo Damages itself and Reputation to Core Gamers

Nintendo Continues to make Huge Mistakes with the Wii U

Over the resent months players have been worried for Nintendo’s future. Nintendo has done nothing but confuse players since the announcement of the Wii U. With fans hopping to see the company change its course Nintendo is running out of time to impress. With time running slim and players attention greatly turned on the Xbox One and PS4 it is Nintendo’s job to step up to the plate and impress a crowd like they once knew how to do. So what does Nintendo do, continue to make mistakes and vital ones.

One thing that lacked from the Wii was third party titles. Nintendo claimed to be on the path to fix that problem with the Wii U. Somehow with new games being announced confusion on if those sought after third party titles will hit the Wii U is still up in the air. While there has been some improvement here Nintendo is going to need a lot more than the diminishing Call of Duty to hold it up in the third party market. There isn’t a whole lot to worry about here, Nintendo is at least working on it but that doesn’t make it any less annoying for core gamers to wonder if games will appear on Nintendo’s dying console or not.

On another note Nintendo is making huge mistakes with their exclusive games and this is where we once again draw the red flag to the once fan favorite industry lead. While third party titles will help the most important aspect of gaming and deciding if a console is for you is their exclusive games. Nintendo used to be the front runner with exclusives; who could beat the love players grew for Mario and friends or Link and Zelda? There are plenty of great games that have been announced under Nintendo’s name but none of these games are doing anything for their dying console, the Wii U. Why? Because all the good stuff is coming out for the hand held 3DS.

Ok, we love our 3DS and appreciate so many great games coming out for it but that doesn’t mean we want our Wii U to sit in the corner collecting dust. Take Animal Crossing: New Leaf for example; a game that did amazing and nearly everyone with a 3DS has but also a game that would have not only stood its own on the Wii U but would have made the entire console worth buying.

This is old news right? No, because Nintendo is progressing into their future making the same mistakes as they did with great games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf but this time through Super Smash Bros. gamers around the world are more than excited to play the much anticipated Super Smash Bros. but guess what, the game is also coming out on the 3DS. Ok, that’s fine but what really hits home is that all levels that core gamers would love to be a part of are exclusively appearing on the 3DS. The Wii U is standing firm with mediocre levels while the 3DS features great classic everyone would like to experience. How is this a way to promote the sales of the Wii U?

Nintendo is in a crisis and it’s not pretty. If they keep making such vital mistakes they will lose all their supporters. As a one lover of the Nintendo brand it can be said that disappointment has taken the lead over hope. Come E3 2014 they better have something good up their sleeve because by now nearly all hope for the Wii U is lost; suppose it’s a good paper weight…

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