Leaked Details About Upcoming Take Two Project

Take Two Announcing new game currently known as Take Two project

It has been revealed that a Take Two project in on its way to next-gen gamers.  Take Two Interactive Software is in the middle of making a probable next-gen game that is yet to be announced; an unannounced Take Two project sounds very interesting to next-gen gamers. A casting posted on a popular casting network called Actors Access had a casting call looking for actors to play specific parts in an “Untitled Video Game” interactive project with the production company titled “Take Two”. The Actors chosen will be used for voice over work, motion capture and facial scans.

The casting that was posted on March 6th was looking for three characters to be portrayed by actors for this Take Two project . The first character is being called Franklin; born in Louisiana and a mixed race of African American and Caucasian, Franklin is an orphan brought up in the racially segregated South. After coming home to Louisiana from war he proves to be both street-smart and strong. He knows how to get the job done no matter the cost and is very loyal to those he considers family.

The second character in Take Two project  is being called Tony. Tony is Italian and again born in Louisiana. The man in his 30s is thin and perfectly groomed and dressed. This genius is not your typical gangster he is overly organized and is more concerned with money than people. Tony is a quiet one and the actor chosen to play him must have an Italian accent.

Lastly we have Mickey, Italian of late teens or early 20s with an average build. This is a young hustler who is quick to run his mouth. He’s all talk and doesn’t quite follow up with being tough. He’s got a bad hire to take more credit than he really deserves and it really boils down to him being a scared teenager.

With the information listed in the casting published by Pemrick/Fronk Casting we think can connect with previous rumors of Mafia III coming to next-gen consoles. This is a lot of confirmed information for this Take Two project without formal announcement from the company. As this is found information we cannot confirm when we will hear more about the upcoming game anytime soon but this “Untitled Video Game” surely sounds like an AAA title.

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