Preview: Project Spark- A Creative Masterpiece

Xbox One Project Spark Preview

Project Spark is Xbox One’s upcoming exclusive masterpiece that plots players in the role of creators. This game lets you become the creator of your own video game with an easy to use interface and enough creative options to satisfy even the wildest imaginations. Haven’t we all dreamed of creating our own games? Here you can make that dream a reality and not only that but you can embark on other player’s journey and dive into someone else’s imagination.

The experience with Project Spark is truly wonderful as it is just as eye-catching as it is a unique experience. There is not much lacking in terms of creative options; you really do get to build your own world from the ground up. As the game can be intimidating upon first attempting to play after the first bump of getting into the game and actually trying out what Project Spark has to offer you will do fine. The problem that most players will run into in terms of Project Spark and utilizing the game to its full potential is actually learning the game.

Project Spark isn’t a game that is so simple that you can pop right on and know everything there is to know. It will take time to learn how to create what you want to create but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. It’s a trial and error process. As of now, there is a helpful tutorial to get players through the basic knowledge of how things work. Each item in your world has the potential of having a brain, this is where things get a little complicated and where you will need to turn your brain on. Once you understand the features you will be able to seamlessly display your thoughts to the screen.

Project Spark is more than just an outlet for you to express your own thoughts as it is a world where you can dive straight into the creative brain of another person. You can experience other games that players have created. At the end of each experience you have the chance to rate the activity you took part in and move one. One thing we fear for Project Sparks future are people trying to create inappropriate subject matter and placing it in the game. Although there is a way to report any foul play it seems as though it could potentially get out of control. Project Spark is still in beta, this is something that will most likely be improved upon just as audio features and load times need work.

Going into the game, you don’t know what to expect. Most all gamers never have been given the opportunity to create their own game no matter how bad of a want we have for that; Project Spark makes that dream the truest of reality. This is what next-gen gaming is about, unique experiences that provide players with a never before heard of feeling. This game is healthy, it makes you think and opens up your thoughts to others. It was surprising just how impressive Project Spark actually is. Project Spark is a masterpiece waiting for you to create your own masterpieces within it. The game is for creative people who have a want to display their imagination; it’s not senseless and that’s what makes the game one of the most beautiful displays seen in next-gen gaming. Xbox One should be honored to have such and amazing experience coming exclusively by the end of 2014.

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