Nintendo 3DS Birthday – System Turns Three

Nintendo 3DS birthday the handheld turns 3

How do you celebrate a Nintendo 3DS birthday properly? When you think of Nintendo what is the first thing that come to mind?  Zelda, Mario, maybe even Pokemon, these are just three titles that might come to mind when Nintendo is mentioned. Without these three titles Nintendo might not be where it is today. Back in the 90′s, Nintendo dominated the videogame market place with their Nintendo 64 and Gameboys’. The last ten years might seem to be a nightmare with Nintendo’s GameCube not being as successful as hoped for, and its follow-up console the Nintendo Wii and Wii U falling closely behind; however Nintendo has barely managed to stay alive. The main reason why Nintendo has continued to last throughout most recent years is solely from Nintendo’s handheld platforms and today we celebrate a Nintendo 3DS birthday and congratulate Nintendo on a job well done.

Today, is the Nintendo 3DS birthday hip-hip-hooray! Four years ago at E3 Nintendo announced that it would be changing the world of handheld console gaming. They proclaimed that they would bring 3D to the gaming world through their next handheld console. This handheld console would be called the Nintendo 3DS. Upon its announcement gamers were skeptical. How would Nintendo succeed where they had failed before? Upon the release of the 3DS, players discovered that this was possible through dual imaging and strategically placed mirrors.

Three years on this date the Nintendo 3DS was released hence the reason for celebrating the Nintendo 3DS birthday today. This may not seem like a big deal for most but for a handheld console that was not viewed to be successful. Since its release, two different models have been released, the 3DS XL and the 2DS. Two years ago the handheld console was in danger of failing so Nintendo dropped its price and released a various assortment of titles. One massive title that help sold the Nintendo 3DS was Pokémon.

Congratulations Nintendo on bouncing back from what seemed like your inevitable demise. We here at Gamersbliss look forward to seeing what will come the next few years from Nintendo and wish them the best luck and are prepped and ready to celebrate another Nintendo 3DS birthday in the years to come. Hopefully they will be able to compete with the global juggernauts, but in order to do that some changes will need to be made. No matter what is in store for Nintendo, they will continue to innovate, inspire, and help mold the minds of the upcoming gaming generations.3ds birthday


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