Xbox One Media Remote Coming This March

Xbox One Media Remote Release & Full Details

UPDATE: The Xbox One Media Remote will be available on March 7th apparently or at least as certain retailers.

First it was news leaking everywhere as a rumor… now the Media Remote Control for Xbox One has officially been announced by Microsoft. It is almost a hypocritically created device being that the Xbox One boasts one of its main features as well as a good portion of the consoles technology, is the Kinect sensor. The Kinect sensor (which is mandatory that is be purchased with the console, unlike the previous one) has much of the consumers under the impression that the sensor is one of the many reasons that the Xbox One is priced $100 more than the competing console, the Playstation 4. As one of its main appeals, the sensor is supposed make it possible for you to control everything on the Xbox One (except for playing all games) with just voice commands and/or hand gestures. Early this March you will be able to spend an extra $24.99 for a small Xbox One media remote controller that lets you manually control the consoles main controls other then gaming controls.

While it may appear contradictory to some, in truth you are getting more options when it comes to controlling media on the Xbox One with the Xbox One Media Remote. At rare times the consoles voice commands are no doubt imperfect while most of the time it works perfectly with true convenience. The real plus side to having the addition of the Xbox One Media Remote is when sometimes you may not feel like repeating to the console “Xbox Fast Forward” repeatedly to have it fast forwarding at the desired speed (since each time you say the phrase it will increase in speed, with numerous speeds available for fast forwarding as well as rewinding). At times you cannot go back any further by simply saying “Xbox Go Back” depending on what App you are currently using, while you are probably very used to pressing the “B” button to go back instantly on the Xbox or doing a similar thing with your TV Remote.

Xbox One Media Remote - Side View

Xbox One Media Remote has been on the minds of many consumers who own the console whether they want one, were curious if one would be released or simply understanding why Microsoft didn’t release one along with the console release as one of the accessories. Nevertheless, the Xbox Media Remote is on its way with the ability to control Blu-Ray/DVD controls along with any video streaming that is done on the Xbox One. Like the Xbox 360 Media Remote it was convenient to use when not gaming, saving battery power, not having to turn on your Xbox Controller or worry about it falling asleep, since the Media Remote does not need to be turned on. It has a dedicated Back button as well as a One Guide button which promises to be quick to the touch, making it much easier to control live TV or even movies. It is rather a pain, easily becoming redundant controlling channel flipping with your voice and although voice commands work well with the Xbox One Guide, it will no doubt start to get on other people nerves should they be in your presence if you are constantly giving One Guide commands one after the other.

The newly announced accessory has motion control built in to it so all of the buttons light up from the back on through as soon as you pick it up, or move it. You can additionally connect the media remote to the controls for your TV, Cable/Satellite Box/DVR or other AV equipment through the IR Blaster so you can control the volume among other things. It is about half the size (or less) then the Xbox 360 media remote, looking like it will fit comfortably in your hand which was released for five dollars less in 2011. Even with the Kinect settings off, the Xbox one Media Remote will still have all its functionability. So no sensor needed if that is how you want to roll. Again the Xbox One Media Remote will be available March 4th for $24.99 at in-store and online retailers.

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