Preview: Titanfall – The Perfect Multiplayer

Titanfall beta best multiplayer in next gen gaming Xbox One

By now, gamers should know about a ‘little’ game that will soon be released known as Titanfall. Sarcasm aside, Titanfall has recently become the center of attention. Being made by some of the industry’s top professionals, those who worked on both former industry lead Halo and the long running front runner Call of Duty, Titanfall will fall nothing short of entertaining. To give players a little slice of what to expect for this Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One title a small taste of the online multiplayer was released in the form of a beta. This beta posed as the perfect preview to Titanfall and what to expect from this near perfect multiplayer experience.

To be honest and upfront right off the bat, no advertisement for Titanfall left me personally breathless. I am not the type of person who is entertained by mech’s or any sort of robotics so bare that in mind while proceeding to read our short preview into what to expect from the full game of Titanfall.

Despite the game being far from my taste I was left in awe with the pure perfection of the way this multiplayer was set up. This game was literally the perfect mix between Halo when it was leading the industry in multiplayer and the best of Call of Duty. In Titanfall you will either be controlling a pilot or a Titan. The trick to success may be about getting to the point of controlling your Titan but that doesn’t make you useless as a pilot. Our main fear with entering into the Titanfall multiplayer was that each person who is not controlling a Titan would be useless but that is far from true. Pilots are very effective and depending on a players specific preferences in style of play you can choose different loadouts; one not necessarily better than the other. Titanfall succeeds with flying colors by not punishing new players by giving them lesser weapons, for now at least every player’s success is based off of their personal skill not the overpowered weapons they have in hand rewarded only by the time spent playing.

Titanfall is also very unrestrictive when it comes to game play. Players are able to run up walls and use the smart pistol to execute perfectly placed kills. Instead of growing unstoppable for dedicating your life to the game it seems as if the player learn new tactics within the game progressing their style and knowledge more than becoming unstoppable based off earned perks. This simple solution to Call of Duty’s main problem has left players feeling welcomed to the game.

Each player earns Titans through time rather than killcount making the matches played very fair. In the beta there were a few different game modes to engage in like Attrition, Hard Point and Last Titan Standing. Attrition is where players are placed on teams and anything and everything that is killed earns each team points. Hard Point functions similar to game modes on other games such as King of the Hill and Search and Destroy. Last Titan Standing pretty much speaks for itself; one life survive and kill all other Titans to win. Each game mod was perfectly crafted leaving players in love with the variety of options in Titanfall.

Titanfall is a game where we can envision groups of people able to sit down and have fun. It’s not a game to be taken seriously it’s a gamers game, something the industry has been lacking greatly over the past few years. We see Titanfall taking over and becoming that game that everyone has and a game that brings more gamers to the next-gen gaming with Xbox One. This is a game where the more you play the more you learn, not the more you are gifted. Titanfall is a seamless mix of two former industry giants, Halo and Call of Duty, and this game is prepared to collide the two in the best ways possible to make a game that literally every gamer could find enjoyment in. If you have yet to try Titanfall, you are missing out.


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2 Comments on "Preview: Titanfall – The Perfect Multiplayer"

  1. Jim Girgenti February 19, 2014 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    This game is going to crush Call of Duty and Battlefield or at least their Mojo…

  2. Cozomel February 20, 2014 at 9:23 am - Reply

    Great article. I bought a day 1 PS4 but after seeing how our exclusives are shaping out I decided to also get an xbox one, for titanfall and the other exclusives, couldn’t be happier.

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