GTA V Valentines Day Massacre Limited Edition Content & Events

GTA V Valentines Day Massacre Weekend

Rockstar Games are not joking around when it comes to the Limited Edition Content for the Grand Theft Auto V. The GTA V Valentines Day Massacre Event began just before Valentines Day and will run through Monday, February 17th. The title of there even is obviously in reference to the Saint Valentine Massacre which is less loving but the event itself come along with a bunch of goodies that you can only obtain this weekend via the GTA V Valentines Day Event.

So basically, in the GTA V Valentines Day Event there is a vehicle (Albany Roosevelt) which was an old school limo, which although small, can fit up to 6 people in it with 2 players hanging on the outside. A new but familiar gun is also available whether you call it a Tommy Gun or a Thompson (Gusenberg Sweeper), you know it. When it comes to apparel the ladies get an exclusive flapper dress as well as the boy like haircut popular oh so long ago not to mention some naughty under garments for GTA V Valentines Day. Men do not get a hairstyle, but they do get a whole line of mobster suits(white, pinstripes in different colors), shirts, ties, vests with clock chain as well as a couple of naughty pairs of underwear. Both male and female should get hats, masks and a TON of access to T-Shirts that remind you of Love with MANY designs both in white and red. All these items are exclusive to this weekend and if you do not purchase them, they will not be available after Monday. I got everything so I can wear and use it all whenever I want making some people occasionally jealous.

[youtube id=”udHnJRqaBV0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

To add to the love there will also be the following featured in GTA V Valentines Day Event:

  • Special Event Crate Drops filled with Sticky Bombs, SMGs, up to 8000 RP and more
  • Up to 3RP for carpooling and Arm Wrestling
  • Triple GTA$ payouts for Sea Races (I do not get the significance either)
  • GTA$1M up for grabs in the #vdaymassacre Snapmatic contest
  • Free bar shots, free lap dances and free cinema tickets all weekend

There was a live stream to open the ceremony and you can win some pretty cool GTAV Swag in the Social Club Contest like 5 Grand Prize Packs of rare Bugstars Overalls are up for grabs, plus the huggable Chop stuffed animal, t-shirts and stickers by entering this contest as well as in game money with the Snapmatic Contest to celebrate the GTA V Valentines Day Event.

More info on everything here.

Update: More jobs and a [crappy] Limited Rat Loader car.

NEW JOBS in GTA V Valentines Day Event
This update also has 10 new Jobs across a variety of modes. Here are details on a few of our Valentines-themed faves:
  • “Shotgun Wedding” (Team Deathmatch): The title says it all. Small-scale Deathmatch around the church in Paleto Bay that’s locked to shotguns. It’ll be a lot less bloody than divorce.
  • “Property Values” (Deathmatch): Forget about love, nothing’s going to break your heart like the price of real estate. Free for all Deathmatch on an unaffordable cul-de-sac near Mirror Park. Look out for the sniper on the grassy knoll.
  • “Creek” (Parachuting): Nothing says ‘I’m in love’ like throwing yourself out of a chopper with up to seven other idiots. A steep dive, almost skirting the side of the Raton Canyon, gliding into Cassidy Creek.
  • “Vinewood Tours” (Race): Who needs love when you’ve got booze in your belly and stars in your eyes? Lap race for cars and bikes taking in all the tourist sights of Vinewood and Rockford Hills.
  • “Motorboating” (Sea Race): A good motorboating is all anyone wants for Valentine’s Day. Take your love for a trip around buoys and over jumps to the North of Mount Gordo.
  • “Heart Breaker” (Bike Race): Make your feelings known by carving a love heart into the Grand Senora Desert. Hills and jumps in this mainly off-road lap race for bikes on a heart-shaped track.

Maybe ‘crappy” was a little harsh, but never the less the Limo is not the only Limited Edition vehicle for this weekends GTA V Valentines Day Event. Using the less fancy vehicle site (where you purchase motorcycles) you can get the Rat Loader for a Limited Time. View it’s wonder below (I have seen this around not during this weekend just sitting there up North, just an FYI).

Rat Loader GTA V Valentine's Day Event

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