Top 5 Best Video Game Couples

Sonic and Amy Rose the best video game couples

Video Game Couples haven’t been renowned for being the best couples but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some great ones. With Valentine’s Day around the corner it’s time for blogs to take over with romantic lists and such so here is our contribution of the best video game couples . Gaming is a popular place for singles; if your single, don’t sweat it most of the coolest in-game characters are too. So if you are a single lady or gentlemen and don’t feel like thinking about this nonsense head on over to our last year’s tribute to lovers day; Video Games coolest single characters. But if you’ve been bitten by the love bug, our best video game couples is the perfect solution for you! Valentine ’s Day is a mark for couples, so which video game characters might be spending the day with their sweethearts in our video game couples list?

5. Mario and Peach

Gamers cute couple Peach and Mario kissing

Its am obvious answer for sure but that can’t keep us away from talking about how nice Mario and Peaches relationship is; Thus making it a very worthy video game couples. This is of course is one of the most classic relationships in gaming and although never 100 percent confirmed, does anyone see it any other way? Peach is notorious for needing Super Mario to help get her out of sticky situations. This damsel in distress is also known for kissing him as rewards. Would a girl honestly offer a guy a kiss as a reward for being her hero if she did not have feeling for him? Whether you agree or disagree with their relationship status, Mario and Peach go down in history for being video games best, cutest and most well known couple. Undoubtedly this Valentine’s Day Mario will be paying his lovely princess Peach a visit. Mario and Peach are the perfect addition to video game couples.

4. Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher

Uncharted Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher are gamings cutest couple

Nathan Drake and his cheeky humor colliding with Elena’s quick wit is some of the realist feeling relationship in gaming and so here they are on our best video game couples list. This cute couple gets at each other throats and they tease each other all the time that it actually feels equivalent to real life. A constant bicker and taunt isn’t enough to hide the characters love for each other. They go through things together. The hardships they face help make them closer and that is something a player can see right off the bat. These two have a real connection and if you’re not fantasizing about Nathan Drake hopping out of Uncharted and into Tomb Raider than him and Elena is a match made in heaven. if not for their feeling of being so real, Nathan and Elena may not have made the best video game couples list.

3. Jackie and Jenny- The Darkness

The Darkness Jackie and Jenny are gamings cutest couple

*SPOILER ALERT* Even with secrets, Jackie and Jenny made such a cute coupe and a great video game couples. Being one of the only real confirmed couples in gaming these two had to crack our best video game couples  list. They are known to cuddle on the couch and watch movies. Jackie may have kept major secrets from his lover but it’s because he loved her so much that he feared of losing her. The best part about their relationship is that it’s one that you could tell had originated genuinely and way before you came into the characters life. Jackie had such a profound love in his childhood sweetheart it’s unfortunate that their love had to end so tragically. The death of his one true love ended up being something that followed him through the rest of his in-game career so far and into the future. It’s a love like this that seems so true but yet so sad never-the-less here they are on our video game couples tribute.

2. Link and Zelda

The Legend of Zelda Link and Princess Zelda cutest couple in gmaing

What’s a list of romance without gaming favorite couple? Although again, never one hundred percent confirmed the implies that these two are together or at least want to be has been pretty heavy. Link is the hero of this relationship of course but in multiple games Zelda plays a role much deeper than just a damsel in distress. You play through these two working well together. Even though it has not really always been all that official the way Link and Zelda look into each other’s eyes says it all. Everyone thinks of this as one of gaming’s must beautiful relationships and we do too so here they are on our best video game couples list!

1. John and Abigail Marston

Red Dead Redemption John and Abigail Marston is gamings cutes couple

John fought through the entire Red Dead Redemption to save his wife and son so the couple much deserves to be on the best video game couples list. Their relationship had been one of great quality as they just understand each other to the finest degree. Toward the end of the game you get to engage in real family life between John Marston and his wife which made the player connect to this relationship on an entirely different level. It is also safe to say that Red Dead Redemptions John and Abigail Marston is a married couple, which marriage lacks profoundly in gaming so this addition to our lovers list is perfect to set at number one. Even with playing through a game of barley knowing Abigail it was like you knew her as well as John because of how much he loved and spoke of her. Getting to experience their relationship at the end made everything clear and filled players hearts with joy. They are more than worthy of being here on our video game couples list!

We want to conclude with something you’re probably asking yourself; where is Final Fantasy? Personally, I am not as familiar with the series as I should be but know it’s packed full of amazing romance. If there is a character couple you would like to add to our list leave your input in the box below!

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