Does Justin Bieber Play Video Games?

Justin Bieber Gamer

Even though Justin Bieber is an extremely busy celebrity, he still makes time to relax and enjoy some gaming. If any of you “beliebers” are interested in finding out about Justin Bieber’s gaming habits or seeing his best gaming photos you can find out more below.

In Justin Biebers movie, “Never Say Never” he can be seen playing Xbox 360. This is also shown in some of the behind the scenes footage taken by his crew. Because he has not been spotted playing Playstation ever, it is safe to assume he is an Xbox guy.

Often times Justin Bieber tweets about what games he is playing and who he is playing with. He has been seen playing with fellow musicians T-Pain and Sean Kingston. Sometimes Justin Bieber will tweet about the outcome of his game, such as who wins or loses.

Justin Bieber loves partying and gaming so putting two of his hobbies together he attends video game launch parties often. He attended the Halo Reach Launch party which took place at Rob Dyrcek’s Fantasy Factory in Los Angeles and Skylanders Giants Launch Party in New York.

In March 2013, Justin Bieber was 2 hours late to performing at his own concert, O2 in London, because he lost track of time playing video games while in his dressing room. It was never stated what game or console it was.

In the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” music video, Justin Bieber spots a few fans holding a Nintendo 3DS. He soon after places several in his shopping cart. This was great product placement by Nintendo because anything Justin Bieber even looks at sells well.

In 2009 Justin Bieber held a special event at the Nintendo World Store in New York City. He performed a few songs for a crowd while playing an acoustic guitar. He got a special tour of the Nintendo World Store and a new Nintendo DS while there.

Because of his love for video games and the NBA Justin Bieber was asked by 2K to be a playable character on the “celebrity team” in NBA 2K13. He plays along side of Pauly D from Jersey Shore, Bow Wow, and Chamillionaire. Photos of Justin Bieber wearing a MoCap suit surfaced sparking rumors as to how he will be in the game before the announcement of the “celebrity team”.

It has been mentioned before that some of Justin’s favorite video games are the Halo series, Mario Kart, and of course NBA 2K. He also enjoys Grand Theft Auto. He has said that his favorite GameCube game was Zelda which we are assuming must be The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker.

Rumor is his gamertag is “Bizzle”.

Just Bieber at Halo Reach Launch Party

Justin playing Halo

Justin Biebers playable character in NBA 2K13

Justin Bieber in NBA 2K13

Justin Bieber playing Video Games with Sean Kingston

Justin Bieber playing video games with Sean Kingston

Justin Bieber at the Skylanders Launch Party Activision

Justin at the Skylanders Launch Party

Justin Bieber at Nintendo World Store

Justin Bieber at Nintendo World Store

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