What Sledgehammer can do to Make Call of Duty 2014 the Best in the Series

Activision's Sledgehammer Developes Call of Duty 2014

In resent gaming news, Activision announced that this year’s Call of Duty release would be developed by Sledgehammer. It was news to the industry that Call of Duty will now be following a 3 development team cycle instead of the alternate cycle of Infinity Ward and Treyarch. With this new three developer cycle each Call of Duty will be in development for a year longer than usual making it much more plausible for the games to turn out extraordinary. Infinity Ward and Treyarch have done a fantastic job making a name for themselves. Prior to the upcoming 2014 release, Sledgehammer only contributed to the development of Modern Warfare 3 which means the studio has a lot to prove. With a few minor tweaks, Sledgehammer could bring the Call of Duty franchise from it’s downwards slop but it would take effort and changes. What are some things Sledgehammer can do to make their upcoming Call of Duty stand out in this best selling series?

One thing that has been missing from a Call of Duty game but asked for by many has been a cooperative mode. In Modern Warfare 2 and 3 players were graced with Special Ops missions and Teryarch titles carried Zombies. In these modes players were able to work cooperatively together which proved to be fantastic. What Sledgehammer could do to make this area better is create a mode following a story; two different playable characters with the same mission, two friends working together. If they were to combine the greatness of past Call of Duty story with a coop experience then players would be able to find a new reason to fall in love with the long running Call of Duty franchise.

Another thing Sledgehammer could do to make Call of Duty 2014 stand out among the greatest Call of Duty games is put single player back on the map. In recent years, Call of Duty turned a blind eye to its single player portion of the game to move a sole focus on multiplayer. Anything past the hooking story of Black Ops turned to garbage and we want to see that portion of the game brought back to life. It is often times forgotten how good Call of Duty’s story was. Infinity Wards Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 had players on the edge of their seats and Treyarch had people in awe in their twisted display with Black Ops; after that it all fell apart. Call of Duty: Ghost made the story cheese and immature… literally… by popping the teen rating on the “oh my daddy needs to notice me” junk that was displayed. Sledgehammer needs to know that players haven’t forgot about how fun Call of Duty used to be, online and off.

Sledgehammer can also improve on certain aspect of multiplayer. As Call of Duty has never needed help in this area it’s not a huge concern but can always use improvements and enhancements. There can be progression in ways to shape a community of people with players they may enjoy playing with; leave aggressors with aggressors and campers with campers. Even making things massive without stepping too far out of the box would bring positive vibes.

These are just our thoughts on what Sledgehammer could do to bring out the best in Call of Duty 2014. Is there something you would like to see Sledgehammer do to make 2014’s Call of Duty the best it can be or do you think the series needs to be put to rest?

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