The Wii U and how Nintendo can save it

The Wii U, Nintendo can save it

As anybody who is vaguely interested in gaming probably knows by now, the Wii U, and Nintendo as a whole, are not doing so hot. People are beginning to wonder about the Wii U and how Nintendo can save it. They had cut their projections on sales, and there is no software to really promote the Wii U and blah blah blah. We’ve all heard it and we all know what’s going on there. (As a side note, A+ on Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata cutting his own pay. Not that he still isn’t get paid a crazy amount, but it’s nice to see the head of a company take responsibility in a financial way for a change.) What I’m going to talk about here, and try and convince you of, is that the Wii U is a fantastic system that you should get, and I’ll also suggest a couple of things that Nintendo can easily do to push more consoles, as well as a few not so easily done.

Help us....

Help us….

First off, if you have friends, like, in the real world, that you enjoy doing things with, everybody should pitch in and get a Wii U for whatever house you like to hang out in. I’ve talked about this before, but I really love games that are fun to play on a single console; Nintendo has always done that better than anybody else, and the Wii U is no exception.

Nintendo Land

For whatever reason I thought this was going to be stupid, so I didn’t really even play it my first few times, Super Mario 3D world was enough for me and 3 of my friends to be entertained with, so it took me two weeks of owning a Wii U before I popped it in. Why has this game not been getting more recognition, it’s absolutely amazing. First off, the game is huge, each mini-game has a ton of levels, and there are 12 “Mini-Games” each themed after another Nintendo Series, the Hyrule rail shooter and Pikmin brawler are my favorites, all with their own charm.  As a single-player experience, it’s ok, the games are fun, but as I said, the multi-player is where it shines. Many of the games will pit up to 4 players on Wii-motes against somebody on the gamepad, and these are amazing, Mario Chase, a simple game where one player runs away and has to avoid the others while they communicate and try and track them down, is insanely fun. From the camera showing you the face of the person running, to the music, level design, and animations, this game is geared towards one thing, and that is FUN.


I mean, the faces people make during these games are amazing, and create a very personal experience that, again, is centered all around fun, nobody cares who wins, we’re all in the same room, talking, engaging with each other, and having a blast playing some games. (Admittedly, we did turn it into a drinking game, which you should only do if you’re of legal drinking age, but basically the chasing team has to drink while the player is running, if the running player gets caught, they have to drink for however long they had left in the countdown, and if they don’t get caught, the other players have to finish their beer. Please adhere to alcohol rules in your area and drink responsibly, even though I don’t 😛 .) Aside aside, Nintendo Land should be enough to push systems, but it isn’t, and here’s why.


Nintendo has never been very good about marketing, they’re still stuck in the mentality that games are for kids and that’s their audience. Really they should be expanding, stop showing families and old people in your ads, show people playing DUI mario kart, show young adults having a blast with their friends playing some silly game that is completely accessible to ALL skill levels. Nintendo’s real strength lies in its iconic characters and ability to bring people, not just families, together around a console and TV and have a great time together.


Nintendo needs to realize this soon, and start speaking to the older gamer because, here’s a shocker, most kids don’t have a bunch of money and aren’t going to go out and drop 400 dollars on a system, accessories, and games, but people in their mid 20’s looking for a fun way to play games with their friends, in the same room, not online, will happily drop that, I know I did.


Now I went into a lot of detail on what made Nintendo Land awesome, but there are a bunch of other games that I’ve played that are great. Wonderful 101 brings a gauntlet style gameplay mixed with a Viewtiful Joe art style. It’s really fantastic and, again, gets even better the more people who have playing next to you. Rayman Legends, check out our review of it HERE, is a ton of fun to play, the music levels especially shine, and agian, the game gets better with more friends. Wii Party U is basically Mario Party, and is awesome. Having said that, the Wii U isn’t pushing systems because the staples of Nintendo, namely Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Kirby, Zelda, etc, haven’t come out yet. I promise you, once Mario Kart and Smash Bros. come out, the Wii U will start flying off the shelves. Nintendo has always made fantastic games, and as the old adage goes, good things come to those who wait.

How to Succeed

To wrap this rather lengthy article up, I’m going to spew off a few things that will push Wii U consoles and get Nintendo back on track.


  1. Console Pokémon- Everybody has been aching for this, so they need to go ahead and just do it, give it the same 3D awesomeness as X/Y, but take it all a step further. Have the full world and every single Pokémon available, I’m talking a big game with each region that has been featured in a game so far, link them all to the same world and build out an epic story in the world that can be relatable to new comers and us old foggies as well. Include a way to import from your DS pokemon, and maybe even release a companion game for the 3DS, and this alone will sell 1 million consoles.
  2. More character mashups- If Nintendo isn’t going to create some new IPs, which they should be doing, then we need to see more mashups of iconic characters in places we haven’t seen. Hyrule Warriors is a great example of this, but why stop there, put Mario on a rail shooter, have a Pokemon fighting game where moves are executed, and not turn based, put Donkey Kong against zombies, have fun with your characters and do it in new ways that will attract new players and appeal to people who have been around these same characters and formulas for over 20 years.
  3. 3DS Adaptor for the Wii U – This is probably the easiest way to get some easy bucks and move consoles. Remember the gameboy advance player for Gamecube? Do that again, it’s already perfectly set up for it, with the touch screen and main viewing screen. The 3DS is the highest selling console out there right now, and has a fantastic line up of games, and I would LOVE to play Pokemon, Zelda, and, eventually, Bravely Default on my TV. Do this and people will buy consoles just to have pokemon on a big screen.

Well these are my thoughts, please, share yours in the comments section.

How do you think Nintendo can turn it around?

DO you think they can turn it around?

Did anybody make it this far?


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