Telltale Walking Dead Season 2 has Taken Things too Far

Telltale Walking Dead Season 2 episode 1 gone too far

*This article contains spoilers for TellTale The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1. If you have not yet played this then please proceed with caution. We don’t want to ruin anything that you are looking forward to.*

The recent release of Telltale Walking Dead Season 2 doesn’t have fans in awe quite like the first season did. The reason behind this drawback might not be because it’s something we have all experienced by now but because this time around Telltale has finally taken things too far.

The Walking Dead is a dramatic game, we get that, but in episode 1 Telltale Walking Dead Season 2 things were taken to the next level. Sadly for Telltale the ‘next level’ was a level that moved passed enjoyment. In this installment players continue with the story following Clementine. She is not alone… at the beginning… but her company is quickly killed off; a dramatic we can handle. From there players experience Clementine meeting a new companion, a dog in need. This is something that could have been heartwarming but soon ended tragically with the dog biting Clementine and forcing the little girl to kill her new four legged friend. This only led Clementine to finding a new group of survivors that threaten to kill her because of the bites potential to be from a zombie. They lock her up; she nearly dies from the bit. Then Clementine breaks free, steals the survivors medical supplies and patches herself up in a very gross scene showing her painfully sewing up her own arm. During the process of healing herself in the locked room, a zombie breaks in where she again almost dies but she kills it. Later, the survivors retrieve her from her prison. In the end they all pretty much end up hating her.

With that horrid summary taken care of let’s get this clear, we like The Walking Dead we like Telltale Walking Dead Season 2. We really like TellTale’s version of the game but Telltale Walking Dead Season 2 episode 1 did not leave us with a positive emotion at all. Video games are supposed to be made for enjoyment and we sat through playing episode 1 of Telltale Walking Dead Season 2 not feeling a positive emotion; not through it or after we were furnished.

Season 1 left players with hope and they fell in love with the relationships that were created, especially that of Lee and Clementine. Telltale Walking Dead Season 2 is not offering anything positive. TellTale might be blinded with fame on the reason why they became so loved and we sincerely hope they know we loved them for their great storytelling and building of character just as much if not more than the bloody dramatics.


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One Comment on "Telltale Walking Dead Season 2 has Taken Things too Far"

  1. Skullheart February 28, 2014 at 9:57 am - Reply

    I hate to tell you this but Walking Dead,be it comic form or show form,has never had a happy ending.It’s the friggin zombie apocalypse,and trust me when I say this.If you think this episode/season will be sad and depressing,brother you have no idea what the Walking Dead is like.Heck,I’m even questioning if you’ve seen the show or read the comic.

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