The Last of Us, Assassins Creed and Halo Work together to Damper Gamers Experience

damper gamers experience

*This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us and Call of Duty: Ghosts. If you do not wish to read any spoilers for the following games please proceed with caution.*

Gaming has undoubtedly changed throughout the years but now more than ever big game companies may be working to damper gamers experience to gain profit for less work. some possitive changes have been brought forth by fantastic storytelling, amazing visuals and multiplayer experiences that were never before imaginable by a mass audience. In recent years video games have turned out to be a main form of entertainment. While gaming is on the rise its clear the motives of development companies are straying from the overall experience brought to the consumer. Of course, everything is always progressing but games like The Last of Us, Assassins Creed and Halo are all taking steps in the wrong direction in the terms of bringing players exactly what they want. These games fit key examples of why gamers must stand tall against companies as our money is valuable and we want to use it on new innovated experiences not watered down plots, annual releases and games brought back from the dead.


The Last of Us presented players with an amazing experience throughout the game. This game was crafted in favor of characters and story. NaughtyDog’s The Last of Us was a game that kept players wanting to come back for more up until the end. The ending of the game featured a watered down plotline where the main character Joel decides to screw humanity out of a cure for the overtaking illness so that his new little friend, one teenage girl, could live. Instead of taking a compelling rout in the exit of the game, The Last of Us watered its amazing plotline down in order for NaughtyDog to milk another multi-million dollar game out of it. The thing that is most bothersome about this is The Last of Us is a game players enjoy but it’s also a game blinding gamers into feeding into a new trend of resisting to give players a full single player experience. Instead of completing what could have been an immersive experience NaughtyDog would rather push out another game really quick to make another multi-million dollar series. It feels empty and like a betrayal but it’s a choice multiple gaming companies are choosing to get more money from the player. NaughtyDog isn’t the only one and certainly The Last of Us isn’t the first nor it’s the last but it’s a prime example of a popular game unfortunately taking the wrong path to success.

damper gamers experience

Secondly, game companies are following in the footsteps of two otherwise amazing games, Call of Duty and Assassins Creed which could damper gamers experience . These two highly popular series are taking players down an annual release road which ultimately leaves players paying a full bill for a game that is so identical from the last game in the series that it doesn’t even feel like a new experience. Call of Duty started the trend with its annual release that alternated between two development teams; at least a lot of players could decipher a decent difference between the teams working on the game but Assassins Creed is like the same game over and over again just placed in a different time period. Both games where favored but both games are turning out to be more of a disappointment as they keep pushing more and more out. Assassins Creed was compelling in so many ways but that feeling is long gone after seeing a new game of the same exact thing every year.

Call of Duty: Ghost slipped itself nicely into the annual release trend. It was no surprise to anyone and it took the liberty to follow the same path as The Last of Us’ watered down plot. As the player reaches the end of the game, the main bad guy is killed; that’s what we wanted and that’s what satisfied the player. But after an ending cut scene the antagonist is in full force, after near death he hits the player on the back of the head and drags him off while a very pitiful sidekick does nothing to stop it; satisfaction gone and the expectation of another Call of Duty: Ghosts has arisen. We now not only know that Call of Duty will release again not only this year but next year too but after 2014’s release of probably Black Ops 3 we will surly see Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 to follow up on that now dry storyline thus damper gamers experience.

damper gamers experience

The Halo series used to be one of the most loved and respected series in gaming. This game created the foundation of multiplayer experiences before it took over most gamer’s heart and soul. One thing that was always respected was that this game created an amazing single player experience as well as one of the most addictive multiplayer modes known to man. Where Halo went wrong was creating an amazing trilogy; period. Super fans knew from the moment the game released that these games were supposed to be a trilogy and yet what happened to the series? They not only lead players astray with ODST but they made a fourth installment to the trilogy and are releasing another game following the same so called trilogy for the Xbox One. What has happened here is Microsoft wasn’t ready to give up the money they made so they brought their most popular game back from its grave to milk the plot for more, create new twists that don’t make much sense in the light of the original story and they expect the community to smile and accept Halo’s fate.

Halo isn’t the only follower of this trend of damper gamers experience,  either. Games like Saints Row were also supposed to be a trilogy but Volition took it upon themselves to make a game in the same series but make that game as corny as they come to catch some extra attention. Instead of honoring their original plotline following the main character and their earlier betrayals by former friends they made a game that had nothing to do with the rest of the series with Saints Row IV; disappointing fans around the world. This proves to be an unfortunate trend that too is taking over the growing video game industry.

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