Top 5 Furniture Series in Animal Crossing New Leaf

Top Ten Furniture Series in Nintendo's Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf did a fantastic job of taking over Nintendo’s 3DS. This hand-held system became a gamer’s addiction with Animal Crossing New Leaf in the game slot. One of the main points of the game is to customize. The customizable options range from character to town and even cover the player’s home. With homes carrying points for how great they are designed, it becomes an addiction in its self to get your home looking the best it can. One great way to get your home looking spick and span is through furniture series. Nintendo’s Animal Crossing New Leaf features a range of different furniture sets to customize your home in whichever way you see fit. Even though the options of personalizing your home are near limitless we deiced to construct a list featuring our personal favorite furniture sets and why these pieces in particular stand out among the hundreds of options.

5. Minimalists

Nintendo 3DSs Animal Crossing New LEaf Minimalist Furniture Series

Minimalists might seem like one of the simplest choices in terms of Animal Crossing New Leaf’s mass amount of choices but that’s exactly why this set cracks our list. The Minimalist set is impressive because of its clean design; this furniture series can nearly go with any decoration. Like we said become it is a clean set but it is also customizable past the point of placement as in Recycle you can get it changed into other attractive colors. Minimalist is a great set, you can farther the customization options by switching up the color or you can pair any of these simple pieces with other furniture series and still have it look good. What makes Minimalist very special is the fact that it is so versatile!

4. Mermaid

Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing NEw LEaf Mermaid Furniture Series

The Mermaid set is tough to get a hold of and that’s why we love it. Only available on after traveling to the Island players must use coins instead of bells to get each piece. Although a feminine option for furniture series this set is also particularly interesting because there is usually only the options to acquire one piece a day (excluding wall, floor and public play). This set is bright and fun which brings a smile to our face. It is the perfect set to display as a unique bedroom. The Mermaid series will also score you plus points through HH for being rare; as well as a few of the other less usual options on the rest of our list. If you like pink, rarity and working for what you got then Animal Crossing New Leaf’s Mermaid furniture series is the way to go!

3. Sweets

Nintendos Animal Crossing NEw Leaf Sweets Furniture Series

The Sweets furniture series in Animal Crossing New Leaf is one of the coolest sets out there. This set of furniture includes a variety of different pieces like chocolate dressers and strawberry beds. For any fan with a sweet tooth this is the set for you. The thing about the Sweets furniture series is that it can only be fully obtained in T&T Emporium between the dates of September 1 and November 30th. For any fans currently playing the game that have missed the time period of its release there is a rare possibility of having pieces fall from trees or given to you by towns folk but it is very very rare. As great as this furniture series is, those who want it might have a little while to wait; but once you get a hold of it, it will be oh so sweet! (Pun intended)

2. Ice

Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing New Leaf Ice Furniture Series

The ice furniture series is very attractive. Animal Crossing: New Leaf offers players this set by building snowmam/ snow women and giving them snowflakes. When a snowmam is built perfectly she will only ask for 3 snowflakes but if she is normal she will ask for as many as five; in exchange for the flakes she will give you a piece of the ice Furniture series. This set is also rare and will earn you extra points with HH. The restriction with the ice series is that it can only be made in the snowy months of the year so it will not be available to get past the moment when the snow melts. If this is a set that attracts you consider that it must be obtained quick within the snowy months as after that you will have a long waiting period before being able to complete the collection.

1. Gold

Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing NEw Leaf Gold Furniture Series

Our other favorite furniture series is the Gold set. If you are looking to make your home as classy as they come the Gold furniture set is the way to go. This set is obtained by collecting 3 Gold Ors and having them be created into a random piece from the collection in Recycle. After turning in 3 Gold Ors and paying a pretty penny a piece to the collection will be created for you. This is a rare series of furniture and it is very expensive so it is sought after by many. Once the Gold set is completed in Animal Crossing New Leaf you will have a room fit for a king or queen!

Has Nintendo’s 3DS masterpiece, Animal Crossing New Leaf inspired you with one of their furniture series’? Are you in love with the Nintendo themed fortune cookies or has a rarity of the pirate set struck your fancy? If so leave a comment letting us and our viewers know your favorite sereis is and why in the comment box below.

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