5 Signs you Should Dump your Gamer Girl

Girl Gamer playing Video Games

How do you know when to dump your gamer girl? When you’re a gamer the odds of you finding a girl that connects with your hobbies is none other than a girl gamer. It sounds like a match made in heaven. The two of you can sit around and play games all night long, low maintenance in terms of needing to take her out often; perfect. It is even common for guy and girl gamers to claim relationship status when they truly only know each other online. It’s not a huge deal, a lot of relationships start out that way and a lot last that way. With that being said, how do you tell if your gamer girl is really all that into you? Do you find yourself second guessing things at time? If you can relate then this list is for you. New relationships can be hard and if you have your doubts about your girl gamer then hopefully this will help shed some light on if you guys are a real item or if you are too just another fish in the sea. These reasons are sure fire signs that you should  dump your gamer girl.

5. Entering a Game and Announcing She’s a Girl

 dump your gamer girl Attention

These quotes are is common among girls who game for attention and a reason to  dump your gamer girl. A real girl gamer has no need to plug in a microphone and tell a team of most likely guys that she is of a different gender. The response she is hoping for is “Hey sexy” or “Omg a girl that plays games!” In all honesty female gamers are not quite as uncommon as they used to be. As gaming has grown so has the diversity in those who enjoy it. If your girl still has the need to try and soak up the attention from other males as often as she can and she is still stuck on using the fact that she games as a clutch online or in everyday society then it’s probably your time to turn and run the other way; you’re not enough to stroke her ego she wants more than what you can give.

4. Super Sexy Cosplay

Cosplay  dump your gamer girl

Guys seem to run to the girls that feel their best in sexy video game related costumes but if a girl is dressing like that aside from Halloween, posting pictures online and such she is in search of mass male attention. This is defiantly a fine thing for girls to do if that’s the kind of attention they are seeking but by no means does this make them relationship material. Aside from those who make this their job by competing in competitions those who just put on an outfit to display sexuality are doing it for one reason and that’s internet fame; useless but so sought for. If you have a girl gamer as a girlfriend she should be yours not Facebooks, not Twitters, not Instagrams. If she is more interested in having hundreds of men goggle at her boobs than spending time with you or her main topic of conversation is what’s she’s going to where next to get other guys, particularly gamers to look at her some more than you are probably better than her and again, despite attractiveness, you should probably run the other way. No one should have to deal with sharing their girl’s body with the world; especially something as low class and uncontrollable as social media.

3. Doesn’t Accept Other Girls as Gamers

 dump your gamer girl because Don't Accept Other Girls

A big problem with so called girl gamers is not accepting the fact that there are other girls in this world that enjoy the same hobby; one of the top reasons to  dump your gamer girl. This is a huge red flag as she will constantly be worried about the other females around her. Confidence is the most attractive trait a girl can have and those who try to shut other girls up about the topic of gaming lack confidence or again seek attention over the other female. You don’t want to be walking around a convention with someone that constantly points out other females and claims to know more about certain subject matter than she does. For one her claims are undeterminable and for two it’s a damper on the entire experience. That’s boring and annoying and you should be able to enjoy yourself without cattiness in conversation about gaming, online matches, at release events, during cons and so on. This annoyance is not limited to gaming outings as it is likely that a female with this issue will call people out online or via social network as well. Be prepared to listen to every reason why every other female who enjoys gaming is stupid, inaccurate, ect. and by no means disagree with her; then it’s your head instead of theirs.

2. Spends More Time Talking about Games then Playing them

Fake dump your gamer girl

A go to way for females to get a guys attention is to talk about video games. Her facts might not be straight but she has sucked you into conversation and that’s what she wanted. If this girl gamer is attracted to you or for some reason just wants you to notice her she will talk. These girls might be used to watching their boyfriends/ ex’s play and for that she can muster up enough to sound like she knows how to hold a controller. These girls are usually pretty charming and some would consider her just fine as at least she’s into the subject but that’s your call. Some girls out there claim to be a gamer and can speak like a gamer but really holding up Mario keychain in front of a camera to post on YouTube might not be selling it to everyone. If shes directly after you it’s your call but if she really is someone taking videos and talking about games on YouTube then the odds of her being a gamer just got slimmer; might just be another attention whore and of course a reason to dump your gamer girl . If this is a concern hop on Twitch; there’s proof there!

1. Doesn’t Respect your Gaming Opinion

 dump your gamer girl Correcting People

The mother of all red flags to  dump your gamer girl would be a girl that tries to shut you up about gaming. When there’s a topic of interest that is mutual it’s important to listen to one another. Your opinion about the topic matters just as much as anyone else’s and you should be able to say what’s on your mind without worrying about anything. This could end up being a public humiliation if she corrects you on something in front of your friends which would be totally not cool. This is the girl gamer that will show you little to no respect and gamer or not, you’re human and you deserve respect for your mind; right or wrong. This would prove she’s in a fight for control not happiness; she wants the driver’s seat when your simply walking in the park.

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