South Park: Stick of Truth, Spell Mechanics look awesome!

Start Stacking Sunder Armor! Chriiiiiiiiiist

With the epic ending to one of the best south park 3-parters, the folks over at south park studios have released another short teaser trailer.

[youtube id=”384l-tgjptQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

First off, hahaha, take that Scott Malkinson!

This game continues to be my most anticipated title in probably the history of ever, and I’ve already gone through why I’m not to worried about the delay Most big titles go through a delay, and whenever they’re rushed they always end up disappointing, so horray for South Park: The Stick of Truth and it release nothing but good things that inspire hope.


Speaking of inspiring hope how about that cup a spell technique? Now when I had initially seen the first few trailers I figured this was going to be a pretty simple game in terms of control mechanics. Push a to interact, thumb sticks control movement and item wheel, etc. But, from the looks of this video,  it looks like they’re doing some real cool stuff with the mechanics. The whole cup a spell seems to want you to move the right thumbstick down, adjust the “spell” (by which i mean wet sloppy fart) with the left thumbstick, and then use the right again to toss it.


This fills me with lots of hope for the game, ideally each spell or move has a unique combination to pull off that translates to either more power or a counter. Hopefully you all are with me when I say this reminds me of the Mario RPG days, but more complicated and dirty.

How do you feel about the potential for somewhat complex mechanics in South Park: The Stick of Truth?

Still patiently waiting for the game or have you frozen yourself?

Do you wish they had just released the game as is?

Is anybody reading this far?

Let us know in the comments and keep on gaming!

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