GTA V – Free Beach Bum DLC Pack Incoming and Much More, Plus News for PC Players


Rockstar has announced that there will be a free ‘Beach Bum’ DLC add-on which will be available for use in GTA Online as well as the Campaign. The DLC will include new vehicles (possibly some just re-skinned ones), as well as new weapons (so far we believe there will be just 2 new weapons), along with new haircuts, tattoos, clothing and more. Since the content will be available for both online and campaign, some things will obviously differ. There will be new Jobs as well which will be made available this early November.

More free content is also on the way with the Content Creator which will allow you to create you very own personalized jobs, missions, races, death matches and more. While this free add-on does not have a solid release date it will arrive around sometime this fall. You can not only create and publish your own content, but also rate others, further more if your user created content turns out to be well made or popular, it can gain the Rockstar approved seal so everyone can see it. This may come into play with the Social Club Events that they will begin to have for GTA V too, which is on the way where anyone familiar with events from previous games, give you the opportunity to win prizes among other perks like RP or Money as well as in game items. New Special Crate drops will also be added to online public games to include new things rather then just the one shirt unlock with the 5,000 RP, $5,000, and Mini-Gun.


With the news of this, you may have forgotten about the obviously delayed Stimulus Pack (giving players half a million dollars in $250,000 increments) which is still on the way with half coming before yet another additional patch to once again help fix the loss of player data and the other half being given to all players after the patch. This extra money should start to be seen in players bank accounts as early as next week (first week of November). There are also things hinting on the fact that Rockstar is gearing up to release their first big DLC drop, which as you may know from GTA IV is a fairly big deal, not to mention some major content. Rumors have been that they will be expanding the GTA Online world with more Counties or even Countries as well as the practically confirmed addition of jet packs at some point.

More news is on the way within the coming weeks including a new Capture the Flag mode as well as when the online Heists will be finally added to the game which was supposed to be released with GTA Online on day one as well as the rumored ability to have your own personal pets. Even more news on upcoming content will be available soon including both campaign and online DLC.

For PC Players there is good news and bad news. First the good which is that a GTA5 file on an AMD Catalyst driver seems to have been found that indicate that the game will be coming to the PC possible rather soon. View coding here and source. The bad news is that it is not available yet, but a torrent file is telling PC players it is, but IT IS NOT. That file is damaging to your PC taking up space while not even letting you play GTA V. The name of the file is “GTA V Full PC Game + Crack,” and takes up 18GB of your computer space, so beware of this PC Players! This is what the file looks like below. GTA V is on its way, hand tight!


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