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GTA V GamersBliss Exclusive Giveaway is proud to present our Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) Exclusive Giveaway to celebrate the release of the game. I stopped by the game store on Tuesday, September 17th, the release date for GTA V and noticed many kids picking up the game, then literally running to their car to get back home, which is if they did not rip it open right there to feel some instant gratification of sorts. However it was not just kids, as I saw tons of mothers, grown men, a 70 year old man with a cane, along with a working woman is a ladies dress suit with heels (she did not run to her car), among others. So many people have been waiting for Rockstar Games most infamous franchises fifth installment. There have been perfect review scores, very impressed gamers and people glued to their gaming console of choice. All this and the extremely anticipated GTA Online is not even live yet (October 1st).

Well if there is one franchise I would want to have a big giveaway for it would certainly be GTA V. Now believe me we have got a big giveaway here with some super rare GTA V items that you cannot purchase anywhere or even find on Ebay! We have a few of each of the items here, except for Chop the plush dog with a hidden stash pocket in a private place, with a collar with his name and the game logo on the other side. One lucky person will get Chop, but the rest of the items we have a number of for the most part and a ton of stickers. In fact we would love to see everyone who enters get at least a sticker of their choice. So this giveaway was made possible by Rockstar Games and their PR department whom we can thank for always being professional as well as generous. Here is what we have exactly for everyone to win:

  • Chop “High quality Chop the dog plush collectable with stealth stash pocket”
  • Los Santos Shirts (Black – Various Sizes from Small to Large)
  • Los Santos County Sheriff Hats (Green – Trucker Style)
  • Grand Theft Auto V Beach Towels (100% Cotton – Large with the spelled out GTA V Logo)
  • Bugstars Van Light Keychain (Button lights up Van)
  • GTA V Branded Power Magnet (Silver Dollar Sized)
  • 100 Dollar Bill Car Air Freshener (Limited amount)
  • A code for the ‘Atomic’ Blimp for the Xbox 360 version of GTA V
  • Stickers:
  • GTA V (Number V Logo – Limited amount of)
  • Bugstars Pest Control Logo Sticker
  • Impotent Rage Sticker
  • Republican Space Rangers Logo Sticker
  • Ammunation Logo Sticker
  • Life Invader Logo Sticker
  • Weazel New Logo Sticker

So now that you know what we have to giveaway, all you need to do is enter. Please note that all prizes are given away at random and you MUST live in the US or Canada to enter (with the exception of the Blimp code which anyone can enter to win). We may giveaway more GTA V related items later on or while this giveaway is going on via out Facebook and/or Twitter page to those who like and are following us. If it was up to me I would want every single one of our viewers to win however we simply do not have enough for everyone, so after entering visit our Facebook and Twitter pages often.

GTA V - All Giveaway Items GTA-V-StickerCollection

To enter just leave a comment below letting us know who is your favorite character in the game and why; Michael, Trevor or Franklin. Now that the game is out you should know them pretty well if you own the game. Also state what item you would like the most that we are giving away as well as the sticker you most fancy should you be picked as a winner. No account here is needed to enter or anything like that. Since Chop is surely one to be many peoples favorite, you are welcome to pick a second most desired item we are giving away as well. Make sure your e-mail is valid in your comment (we can only see your e-mail address, it will never be public) since this is how we contact you if you win. It would not be fair to wait for an extended period of time for a response from winners picked so please check your e-mail frequently once this giveaway has ended. It will be up and running for at least a month or so and once it has ended the title will read “Closed” at the top.

We urge you to send a picture of you and your prize to us should you win so we can create a special gallery with all our giveaway winners. While not necessary, it would be greatly appreciated and get you on the GamersBliss site or our Facebook page. Make sure you have read the above very clearly so you can enter with no issues stopping you from possibly getting a chance to win exactly what you wanted to win upon coming across this contest. Now you can view many of the prizes in detail above and below. Should you be interested in the Los Santos Shirt or the Sheriff Trucker Hat, if you do not win it here you can purchase them at the online however everything else we are giving away cannot be purchased anywhere making them all rare items. Good luck!

73 Comments on GTA V – Exclusive Giveaway

  1. trevor is by far my favorite due the may payne powers he seems to get

  2. I’ll take the blimp code

  3. My favorite character would have to be Michael because he’s a family man and he reminds me of Phil Collins for some reason. I guess I’ll enter for the ‘Los Santos’ T-Shirt and the Ammunation Sticker. The 2nd Item that I would pick would probably be the ‘Sheriff Hat’.

  4. would like Chop and GTA V sticker, no shirts They won’t fit me. I like Michael.

    • would like Chop and GTA V sticker, no shirts They won’t fit me. I like Michael because well He’s not a dick like Trevor, and I like how he is mentoring Franklin

  5. If you have family with a US address, that works for us. On an unrelated note that is an incredible collection you have, it is truly nice to see someone enter one of our giveaways that truly deserves the things we are giving away… not that any fan of a game does not deserve to win our giveaways, it is just not every contest that we get some who enters with a collection that looks like it took a lifetime, though regardless took a lot of effort and dedication.

    Did you get the Collector’s Edition of the game?

    Oh and I have to wish you good luck on winning, all the winners are picked at random but I would be happy to see you win. More importantly you should state what you want should you win, knowing that you would probably have Chop as your first pick (which of course you can mention), in-case you and someone else has one Chop, choose a second item as there are much more of the rest of the items, as well as a favorite sticker out of the lot.

    • Thanks for the kind words Jim 🙂
      Sorry for the late reply I have been busy playing GTA V as you can imagine!

      If I was lucky enough to win I would choose, in order:
      Chop Plushie, Bugstars Keychain or GTA V Beach Towel. As for the sticker, either Ammunation or Impotent Rage please.

      Thanks once again for the opportunity and good luck to everyone involved.

    • p.s. I sadly had to cancel my C.E. pre-order due to bills that needed to be paid 🙁
      I will have to suck it up and buy a copy from an online auction site eventually.

  6. I would have to say Trevor, because that guy… geez, all you have to do is play his missions and listen to what this guy has to say or the things that come out of his mouth, besides meth and moonshine, this guy has to be the most entertaining character on GTA since, I would say Tommy Vercetti from Vice City. I mean, the line he says, “I need to go meditate… or masterbate… maybe both.” That deserves an oscar. LOL

    Ya know, if I had to pick a prize, just send one that you feel is good, heck, I didnt expect one in the beginning. Out of the stickers, I’d say the Life Invader and “V” ones are the best.

  7. Franklin is my #1. Rockstar gets it right again. The moral center of the group with a fly car to boot.

    I’d be happy with Chop or Los Santos shirt/Ammunation sticker should I win.

    Thanks guys!

  8. I personally like Mike cause he has that typical American “I don’t give a $h1t, I’m God” personality! They nailed it! I love it! Nuff said! Thank you! Oh, of coarse I’d love the Chop Chop plush, he’s so handsome! Lol! But the magnet eould be next followed by Mr.Trucker Hat, so I can act like a strange cop, checking everyone for weapons with my magnet n trucker hat, although I’ve never won anything so I’d be happy still being Mr.Average Nobody! Thank you! Great site by the way, love it. Keep it up -Steve-o

  9. Trevor Philips is my favorite, a regular psycho w/attitude like myself, doing what I like, when I like.

    1st choice would have to be “CHOP” for cuddle buddy on cold nights. Adorable!!

    2nd choice would have to be 100 Dollar Bill Car Air Freshener to keep in my panty drawer so it always smells so peachy clean. =)

  10. By far I like Michael the most, as what he does he does for the well-being of his family. He’s the typical American living the dream, and has a very pragmatic view of reality.

    If I won, of course I’d take the Chop plushie first thing, but my second choice would be the 100 Dollar Bill Car Air Freshener as it’d be pretty unique.

    Stickers though I would take the regular GTA V sticker.

  11. I like Michael the most, since he seems to have some redeemable qualities.

    Should I win, I’d like Chop. If that’s absolutely not possible, I’d like the keychain. I’d love any GTA V swag, so if neither is available please consider giving me something else instead of redrawing.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway. Great stuff you guys are giving away.

  12. Aaron Van West // September 22, 2013 at 12:44 am // Reply

    Michael is my favourite character. I sometimes like to shave his head and make him look like either Walter White or Max Payne. He’s got a great personality too which makes him a pleasure to play. I’d like the chop plushie or the GTA V towel please 😀

  13. I like Franklin because he reminds me of Cj alot. I’d like to win anything but the blimp! Cause I already have it. 🙂 Thanks! especially the ammunation sticker.

  14. I really like Trevor because he is just so nuts, you think is going to kill the dude he tortured and he let’s him go, I would be happy with anything my fav sticker would be the GTA V, would live anything.

  15. I like all 3 characters but if I had to choose a favorite it’s Trevor. He’s a psychopath but he can be pretty funny sometimes in a crazy twisted way. I also like his special ability of invulnerability. I find him to be one of the most entertaining characters I’ve ever played as in a Grand Theft Auto game. The fact that he’s more mentally unstable than the other characters in the game makes him more interesting to me because you’re not quite sure how he’s going to react to every situation or what he’s going to say in a conversation with another character.
    I would be interested in a Large Los Santos shirt and a GTA V sticker if you happen to pick me as a winner please. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  16. Luis Izaguirre // September 22, 2013 at 1:14 am // Reply

    I really like Franklin, if you fix him up just right, you can make him look like Ice Cube and the music stations are AWESOME. I noticed that Big Boi is the radio host on one of the radio stations, freaking insane.. I like chop but the hat looks really insane. It would look really nice with the collection of things I have gotten of my favorite all time games.. And the Bug Star sticker looks pretty cool, will look nice on my car.. Good luck to those who enter.. @True360Gaming

  17. Ya, Michaels my favorite for sure. He is a typical american andis a family man, however great. Franklins a not too distant 2nd. I love how he’s a gangster with respect n dignity. I think the magnet would be my favorite item there followed by chop or trucker hat. Stickers? Any company stickers cool with me. Really anything would be sweet. Big Rockstar fan except max payne, haven’t played at all. Thank you for the opportunity!

  18. I would have to say my favorite character is Franklin. He’s very relatable for a lot of people. He seems to actually have a moral compass unlike Michael who only cares about himself and Trevor who doesn’t care about anything at all. Franklin is doing everything in his power to move on from the only life he’s ever known because he knows it will never pay off. He’s a character you can really root for.

    I would REALLY like the Chop plush toy as I’m sure most would but I would also be very happy with the key chain or beach towel.

    My favorite stickers would be the LifeInvader one or the Republican Space Rangers one. I’d be happy with anything really. It’s cool of you guys to do a giveaway like this.

  19. I’d go with Trevor, I love his craziness and all of his comments.

  20. I will go with Michael as he is my favorite and reminds me of myself.

  21. Franklin is probably my favorite, reminds me a lot of cj and is more or less the underdog of the group. Plus when you shave his head and give him a beard he looks like a straight badass.
    My first choice old be the hat. Obey and survive lol
    Second is the bill air freshener. Always look ballin with that
    As for the sticker I do enjoy the Lifeinvader sticker.

  22. I really prefer Trevor so far … I just get him 🙂 I like Chop the plushy and Weazel News sticker

  23. Trevor is definitely my favorite. He is the perfect GTA character, psycho, dangerous, doesn’t take crap from anyone. He represents how most of us play the game to begin with, just destroying everything in sight. If I won I would most want the Chop plushie or the towel, as well as the Ammunation sticker.

  24. Michael is my favorite, I sympathize with him about family and such, plus he’s funny. I desire the sheriff hat as wel as chops. I’d love to add some swag and start a GTA collection, been a fan forever.

  25. My favorite has to be Franklin. Ive beat the game 100% and he still if the 1 dude I love playing as the most. Hes just so whitty and charasmatic. He stays true from start to finish. PLUS HE HATES BALLERS!! 😉 anyone who wears green in Los Santos my brother brother!

    I would seriously love any piece of these awesome collectables. The plush chop and magnet are killer, as well as the ammunation sticker. That air freshener is pretty stellar also. I wonder what it smells like. Strippers or cocaine would be my guess.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!


  26. Michael is my favorite. I love his slow motion power when running and gunning. His comments to everything is right between the fine line of trevors and franklins.

    Chop “High quality Chop the dog plush collectable with stealth stash pocket” and GTAV Sticker

  27. My favorite character is Franklin because it’s easy to feel related to him, he’s not a “big shot” yet and tries to make the better choices. His driving skills are very useful too…and of course, he takes care of Chop and plays ball with him!
    Obviously my first choice would be the adorable Chop plush (I take care of him on iFruit too!), my second option would be the towel and in third a Los Santos small shirt (if you have it in women’s sizes that would be great!) and relating to stickers I’d like the Republican Space Invaders.
    I don’t live in the US but I have a friend who does and is willing to send me the stuff in case I win 🙂

  28. Chris Macdonell // September 23, 2013 at 3:04 pm // Reply

    Trevor is my favorite. I just love his personality and how crazy he is. I would love Chop plushie, secondly would be the trucker hat. The sticker would be the bugstars

  29. My favorite character is Trevor.The lines he saids are just plain right funny.When you switch to him from other characters he’s in many funny situations and he makes many funny jokes throughout the game.

  30. I like Trevor because he’s crazy as hell and says the funniest things. I would like the Chop plushie first, or the towel second. I’d love to win any of those though. As far as stickers, GTA V is my pick.

  31. My Favorite is Trevor,he is so unpredictable and crazy that it keeps me wanting to know what he will do next. I would love the Plush,a Los Santos Shirt(med). Sticker wise i would love an Ammunation one. Thanks for the giveaway guys <3

  32. My favorite character is Franklin his ability to slow down while driving is awesome gta beach towel gta sticker 2. Bug stars van

  33. My fav character is Trevor I like his truck 1. Dog plush 2 towel gta 5 sticker

  34. I like Trevor because of his Kool truck I want the beach towel and gta 5 sticker

  35. iI like Trevor because of his plane skills planes are really fun to fly beach towel and ammunation sticker

  36. I like Michael the best because he feels like the main character of the game. I love seeing how he interacts with his family and the ongoing feud he has with Trevor. I also like the money rims on his car. I would like chop or the magnet and a lifeinvader sticker.

  37. My favorite is Trevor I like the stealth missions he gets to play I would like the magnet and life invader. Sticker thanks

  38. Me like Franklin cuz he is a gangster I would like the bug stars van and sticker thx

  39. I like Michael because he is crazy but not at the same time. I would like the trucker hat and life invader sticker 😀 Thanks in advance.

  40. I like Michael because he’s a family man caught in the struggle of a mid life crisis and deals with it in a manner that any in reality father would go crazy … Michael is a awesome character his love and passion for movies is just like me

    I dont care what I win any rockstar games swag is awesome

    Check out my rockstar games sticker bombs I place all over California been doing it for years since I got my first sticker in gta London for play station

  41. I like franklin the best because his white bravado bison is just badass. His ability is extremely useful on some of the chases and he also has a huge part in the ending, but I won’t spoil that for anyone. I would like chop first or the hat as an alternative and a Gta v logo sticker. Thanks 🙂

  42. It was a close call, but I’d have to say that my favorite character out of the three infamous three musketeers would have to be Michael followed closely by Trevor.
    He’s a perfect combination of his id at struggle with his ego and the culmination of that struggle are the crazy, over-the-top antics. Michael is unique to the Grand Theft Auto archetype of characters if not most video games. Where else would you see a retired family man, ex bank robber criminal mastermind who is doing what he feels society expects of him, yet longs for the chaotic excitement of his former life. It’s true that you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
    I’m a big video game collector and an even bigger R* collector and fan. Across a copy for each current-gen console, a 360 Collector’s Edition (gotta cop that cap), and an imported Czech ver. that comes with a sick V ring, I’ve done my fair share in contributing to those record breaking sales. I’ve been collecting R* and video games for a very long time and it would be a pleasure to be considered for this giveaway and add another coveted trinket.

  43. In order of prizes I would like to receive:
    1st: Chops – I need a guard dog for my San Andreas BMX bike
    2nd: Towel – Would really love a towel if Chops goes to a different home. Got some nice weather and sandy beaches here
    3rd: Bugstar Van Keychain – Cute light up keychain
    4th: Power Magnet – To prove if the disclaimer on the bank is really true
    5th: Air freshener – I’m fresher than fresh!
    6th: Trucker hat – Keep on truckin’!
    Sticker of choice – Impotent Rage or classic V logo

    Good luck to everyone!

  44. Franklin is my fav for sure he’s just epic . His driving skills are nice to have and is amusing character to play as

    Los santos shirt and gta v sticker be epic

  45. I like Michael because he seems like he’s trying to become better, but he just can’t do it. He has anger issues he has to work through, and I can relate to that a bit. My prize preference would be Chop first and the power magnet second. The sticker I’d like is the GTA V sticker or Impotent Rage.

  46. Trevor is my favorite so far in the game because his introduction and first few missions were just plain crazy. I’ve never played a game with a character as over the top as Trevor and I can’t wait to play through all of his stranger and freak missions. If I was chosen I would like the beach towel or chop of course. I’d also like an ammunition sticker. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!

  47. My favorite character is Michael because he never lets anyone mess with him and I love how he wants franklin to crash into the car dealership and then proceeds to beat up the dealer. If i won I would like the van keychain or chop and a weazel new sticker

  48. Michael would be my favorite character. He isn’t a bad person in my opinion. He’s just smart and uses it for the wrong things. There is something in him that I can relate to. Should I win this glorious contest, I would like Chop the dog. Other than him, I could go for the towel. I would like the impotent rage sticker.

  49. Esteban Yanez // September 28, 2013 at 3:20 pm // Reply

    I actually like all the characters, each of them have a different perspective that I like. However I’d have to go with Trevor, the dudes a psychopath but oddly entertaining. He also seem to be the most well rounded skills-wise with flying and everything. Hell of a character introduction as well.

    I’d like Chop or the towel and the Impotent Rage or Ammunation sticker.

  50. matthew valle // September 29, 2013 at 2:04 am // Reply

    i can’t decide between them they are all my favorite because of each character having different and unique personalities

  51. My favorite character is trevor because i like the rampage missions that he has, they’re really funny.
    I’d like chop or the bugstars van and a weazel news sticker

  52. franklin is my favorite character. he is so much different from michael and trevor, witch makes him more appealing to me. i would love to get the plush chop, along with a gta V logo sticker.

  53. sorry, if i do not win the chop plush, i would like the los santos shirt size medium.

  54. My favorite character is franklin because he starts out as nothing but a car repo man but turns into a someone that pulled off the biggest heist in history. I’d like a towel or the dog and an impotent rage sticker

  55. Franklin, because he smokes fat J’s in the beginning!

  56. My favorite is franklin because of the dom missions where he carries on a conversation with the dog id like chop or a magnet and a space rangers sticker

  57. My favorite is franklin because he is the least crazy of the 3 and he stays out of michael and trevor’s feud. chop or the hat and ammunation sticker please

  58. Kelly Brrund // October 2, 2013 at 3:43 am // Reply

    Trevor. My fav is the beach towel and life invader sticker, thanks!
    braundk at

  59. Michael, since he is the most relatable for me. He isn’t perfect. He makes mistakes.

    My first choice is Chop, my second choice is the towel, and my sticker choice is impotent rage.

    Much thanks for this contest.

  60. I like Michael the best because he has the main plot going on but then also a conflict with his family. My first choice is chop or the bug stars van and a life invader sticker. Thank you 🙂

  61. I like Micheal because his son has a bong in his room and because he is milliare I would pick chop and life invader and if eat taken ill take the beach towel thanks for. The awesome And cool giveaway-John

  62. Trevor would be my pick.He has the ability that I like the most.I would choice chop as my first choice and the magnet as second.Any sticker would be great

  63. Šimon Slávik // October 11, 2013 at 2:44 pm // Reply

    Michael – because he is rich 😀

  64. jonathan castillo // October 12, 2013 at 11:27 pm // Reply

    Talking about Grand Theft Auto, for me is swimming my memories to gta 2 era, exploding trucks on the old banjo, riding zaibatsu fast cars, chasing all the KILL FRENZY. and the saga is still popular today, hard to believe i’m getting old and gta is here, alive and guinness winner. Michael is my choice (a classic De niro guy, tough look, my ego fits his), chop is my favorite, bugstars keychain, sticker too .Of course i’ll take a ton of photos (wearing a mickey costume with a gun 🙂 ) And remember ….respect is everything!

  65. Trevor is one of the best characters ever created hands down. Even though he’s absolutely out of his mind, he does make sense some time. He compliments both Michael and Franklin, who both are excellent characters as well. But Trevor made me laugh constantly throughout the game. When he threatened to molest Wade, I laughed so hard. If chosen I’d like the chop plush with the ammunation sticker. Back up item would be the keychain. Good luck to all!

  66. My favorite character is Trevor. I feel that he is the most realized character out of the three. He is an intelligent and unpredictable.

    When you play as him you play as him, you get so absorbed into his personality that you forget about the terrible things he is capable of.

    At certain moments he commits horrible acts that remind you of his true nature. Which makes me feel that he is a very convincing character.

  67. Hi guys when is this competition being drawn please?
    It’s now been over 2 months and I saw a post on the Facebook page stating winners were being chosen 20 days ago but I haven’t seen any posts from winners themselves or their names yet. Was this competition indeed drawn already?
    Thanks a lot guys.

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