Games with Gold Offer for August

Since E3, Microsoft has followed through with its promise to deliver two free games a month to Xbox Live gold members. So far they have released Fable 3, Defense Grid: The Awakening, and Assassins Creed 2. Although these games have been downloaded by many, some are asking for the ability to select from more games to download similar to PlayStation Plus offer. Although this is unlikely, it would still be nice to see. For August two unannounced games will be available to download. The two games are Crackdown and Dead Rising 2.

Crackdown will be available from August 1st to 15th.  Crackdown was released back in 2007 and is known for its open world mode in which the character has super-hero like abilities. Crackdown may provide players with the super-hero action they desire, because who doesn’t want to be a bad ass super beating their enemies into submission.

Dead Rising 2 & Case Zero is slated to be the second game of the month. They will be available from August 16th to 31st. Case Zero is a fun limited open world game in which humor is a constant factor and the buildables are outstanding. For those that didn’t like the original Dead Rising, don’t worry! Dead Rising two was revamped not only to fix the problems that the first Dead Rising showcased but also allows you and a buddy to work together to slaughter the undead masses. The story is co-op and they even have mode will you can just massacre zombies til your heart’s content.

Remember you must be an Xbox Live gold member to download these. Once you initiate the download you will be able to download it at any later time. If you do not feel like playing it right away, just click to confirm purchase to have it save to your account and download it at a later date. Each game will be roughly five to seven gigabytes, so for older players with an older Xbox space might be an issue.

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