The Best and Worst Characters in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has made a huge name for itself over the past year. With a Hit TV show, the most popular modern comic series around and an award winning game, who hasn’t heard of The Walking Dead. Here at GamersBliss we favor Telltales’ The Walking Dead game as our The Walking Dead form of entertainment. This game has been a true revolution in modern gaming and that revolution comes in the form of character development.

The Walking Dead game has released in Episodes and with each episode came dramatic twists. These twist almost always focused on characters and that is why so many players grew to love… and hate… so many of The Walking Dead’s characters. Here we have made a list of the most loved and hated characters in Telltale’s hit game; the characters who make our heart swell and the ones who make us want to punch things; even if they are supposed to suck.

Best- Clementine

 The Walking Dead Clementine

First lets deal with the obvious, Clementine. Clem might not just be the most beloved character on The Walking Dead but quite possibly one of the most loved characters in gaming history. The funny thing about Clementine is, it is totally unexpected that she would end up being a close to players as she is. She is the ideal character to throw in the middle of a zombie outbreak and one of the easiest characters to feel empathy towards. Throughout the whole game, players find themselves worrying about her well being. At the point when it is your job to ration out the food to your hungry group of survivors, 96 percent of people made sure to give food to Clementine.

From the moment you meet Clementine you learn that she’s not an annoying little girl but someone to love and care for. When it comes to kids in games things usually end up negatively because of their annoyance or an inaccurate display from the development team but things couldn’t be more different with Telltale’s Clementine. Usually players are stuck dealing with a chore when it comes to kids in their games but Clementine is an enhancement to the emotional experience brought by The Walking Dead.

Worse- Larry

The Walking Dead Larry

Larry is loud, angry and judgmental; the perfect character for the guy everyone’s supposed to hate. As the character clearly usually wants what’s best at the cost of the player and every other survivor around him, he is actually a good guy just one that’s not so easy to get along with. Playing the game during Larry’s parts are like talking to that one person who you just wish you didn’t have to speak to and above all as you speaking getting a target painted on your back for no apparent reason. Larry distrusts the player and creates more problems in the already problematic world of walkers. He nearly has no good relationship with any character besides his daughter and Brenda which also makes him a little less likely to be a favored character. In the end, you have to cut him some slack, he was meant to be a hard and unpleasant character, this added to the store and helped people stay involved. As much as we want to say he is the worse character in the game we actually get why he is the way he is and can find some appreciation in that.

Best- Kenny

The Walking Dead Kenny

One of the great characters on The Walking Dead is Kenny. Kenny is the perfect character. He can be funny and the player can feel that he is sort of like a real guy. When you look at Kenny he fits in perfect with the cast of characters yet he is one of the ones that seems like you really know him. If the player makes certain choices Kenny turns out to be a pretty good friend during such a hard time. You begin to feel for him and he ends up being such a major part of the entire experience. Kenny has goals, he is determined and faithful as long as you make the right choices. The fact that he has been there by the player’s side from episode one ends up forcing the player into a great bond with him. The emotion you feel with Kenny through the entire game is an unforgettable experience; a true definition of friendship during an impossible time of happiness. If there was a real zombie outbreak one would only hope to have a guy like Kenny on their side.

Worse- Becca

The Walking Dead Becca

Becca made her first appearance in The Walking Dead 400 Days. There is little known about the character besides the fact that she is Shel’s sister but one thing’s for certain, she is really not pleasing to be around. This young girl has no remorse for other humans or living things and after the scene when she plays her guitar she brings the player little happiness in their journey. She’s very hard; nearly masculine in her presence. She’s not what you would think of as a young girl and it is thought that Telltale made her this way on purpose. The only thing Telltale may not have expected with player reactions to this character is the fact that she is so unlikable that when the game seeks the player to have sympathy for her, they just simply couldn’t care less. Becca’s complaints and insensitive outlook on life makes the experience for everyone far less enjoyable. It could be understood that a girl that had to go through a zombie outbreak would be a little harder than the average teenage girl we see in everyday but she had a life before the outbreak; she should know of happiness and posses some kind of hope to regain that lifestyle yet she’s a lost cause who doesn’t care for puppies. Where Telltale succeeded so much on their other young female character, Clementine, they really made Becca someone players would leave behind in a heartbeat. The two young girls are solar opposites.

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