SDCC 2013: Hands On Preview of Yoshis New Island


At San Diego Comic Con 2013, Nintendo showed off an impressive demo of Yoshi’s New Island. Yoshi’s New Island is the 3rd installment of the Yoshi’s Island series. In Yoshi and Baby Mario’s latest adventure the objective is similar to the pervious installments of the series but new and improved. We were able to get our hands on World 1, levels 1-3.

Yoshi’s New Island moves and plays similar to its predecessors. Yoshi is able to eat the enemies and turn them into eggs. The eggs are then used to shoot at other enemies or whatever else is needed. Baby Mario rides on Yoshi’s back throughout the journey. Baby Mario cries if Yoshi gets hit then floats away in a bubble. Yoshi must retrieve Baby Mario from the bubble before time runs out, just as in previous games.

Players can expect to see familiar characters, enemies, and items, as well as new ones in this game. Classic Yoshi enemies such as Crazee-Dayzees, Gusties, Fangs and Lantern Ghost all make a return in Yoshi’s New Island. The main antagonist of the game is still of course, Kamek. In the particular demo that was showcased at San Diego Comic Con(World 1, 1-3), Kamek summoned a giant Fang as the boss. The boss Fang was defeated in true Yoshi fashion…eggs!

Other familiar items from the Yoshi series were found all over the demo as well. Red coins, mini stars, flowers and winged clouds all make their return in Yoshi’s New Island. Red coins function the same way they did in their debut on the original Yoshi’s Island. They are hidden behind gold coins with only 20 per level that must be collected in order to receive the best score per level. Flowers return with the same function as well. The player must collect 5 flowers per level in order to receive a higher score.

One it the new futures that seems to be in Yoshi’s New Island is the giant eggs. The eggs are much, much larger than they have ever been. When Yoshi eats a giant enemy they turn into a giant egg. The giant eggs can be shot though walls, pipes and other large objects adding a twist is the function of Yoshi eggs. Regular sized eggs remain as well.

The only thing that would have made Yoshi’s New Island better is if it were for Wii U. It would be wonderful if Nintendo would decide to make some of these great games that they are releasing for the Nintendo 3DS on the Wii U.


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