Smash Bros. Speculations – Kappn from Animal Crossing


If the upcoming Smash Bros is to follow tradition, we will definitely see a bigger roster among other awesome things. While new stages, music, battle modes, and all that good stuff is important as well, the main focus when a new Smash Bros game is announced is the character lineup. Now with E3 long over and Nintendo showcasing some new additions to the Smash Bros universe, we feel it’s only common and justified to continue speculating on which new characters will appear in the upcoming Smash Bros title. Sometimes we are even given hints that some characters might make the roster, like the following:

kappn 3ds

Kappn, Animal Crossing’s iconic chofer

I never did visit the Island in the Gamecube version to see if this particular sea shanty was in there, but even so, it would be a good excuse. With Villager from Animal Crossing confirmed as a new challenger, it would only be normal to add another Animal Crossing character to the lineup, but I had figured it would be the female villager. As it stands, I still believe the female villager is more likely to be added to the lineup, but given that the new Smash Bros. roster will likely be the biggest of them yet, a third Animal Crossing character wouldn’t be surprising at all. Who knows, maybe Tom Nook will also be allowed to participate in the ring. I mean, who wouldn’t want villager to pummel Nook for for the days of forced labor. Responsibility my sea-bass, I’m setting up a new town ordinance – It’s called fists!

Kappn Trophy



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