Splinter Cell Movie Update!

Hey there folks, with the new Splinter Cell: Blacklist coming out next month, we wanted to keep you updated on all things Sam, and that includes the upcoming Splinter Cell movie, which, if done right, could be absolutely amazing. Here is a quick round-up of everything that we know so far about it.

First off, while this is somewhat old news, we know who Sam Fisher will be, and it is none other than action movie superstar Tom Hardy (Bane in Dark Knight Rises, Bronson, Inception). I can’t think of many that would be better, possibly a few that could be on par, but Tom Hardy is going to be ideal for it, he has the ability to have that wry sense of humor as well as a bad-ass screen presence.

Next, we know that the initial draft is being written by Eric Warren Singer, who has written the Aeon Flux Tv show, as well as The International, an action crime drama staring Clive Owen (Just wanted to say that I initially wrote Owen Wilson, and the idea of him as an international spy is hilarious-BW), and the upcoming crime thriller, American Hustle, Directed by David O. Russel. Basically, this guy knows his way around an action and thriller, so he should be able to craft a great story out of the already existing cannon from the game.

Finally, the latest news, is that the film has found a director in  Basil Iwanyk, and while this is his directorial debut, he has produced a number of successful action/thrillers with K19: The Widowmaker, The Town, and The Expendables.

We here at GamersBliss are excited, but apprehensive about this news. On the one hand it certainly has potential to be a bad ass spy thriller in the vein of Bond and Bourne, but video game movies haven’t exactly been the best movies, so only time will tell.


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