Patriotic Games to Play on The 4th of July

Over two centuries have passed since the signing of the Declaration of Interdependence and to most Americans; the meaning has either become distorted or entirely forgotten. Now a days, Interdependence Day is spent playing football, drinking beer, grilling and watching/ setting off fireworks. If that does not float your boat, like the gaming enthusiast we assume you to be than there are alternate methods to show your patriotism. Grab your controller! Because we here at GamersBliss have composed a list of games that may bring the patriotic spirit right out and set light the flame of lady liberty inside of you.


Up first is one that has had quite a bit of controversy tied to it throughout the years, whether it was killing prostitutes after having your way with them or running over little old ladies while trying to escape the police. Grand Theft Auto is patriotic because it depicts the American dream. Whether it is Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andres or Grand Theft Auto 4, the player starts out on the low-end of the totem pool and has to work his way up to become the criminal overlord. Hell! Two of them even take place in New York City like locations and the other two take place in prominent U.S Locations. You can do almost anything you like within the games parameters. So the lesson to learn from Grand Theft Auto is no matter where you are from and no matter the color of  your skin; You can achieve want ever you dream for as long as you are willing to work for it, just please try to stay within the legal code or at least don’t get caught. Maybe this will you get ready for Grand Theft Auto 5, which comes out on September 17th.



America is known for its professional sports leagues. The National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League are all American sports leagues that are famous throughout the world. So with football and baseball being summer sports what else can be more American than tackling one of your friends or a long hated rival into the dirt or scoring the game winning touchdown for your team. If sports are your fancy but you do not feel like getting rained on or drenched with sweat, we would recommend either a Madden or MLB title. You can still get the feeling of victory while still being able to drink beer or eat some grub. Just don’t be like the 30 NFL players who are already arrested, do not go overboard. Remember Madden 25 comes out August 27th.

3RD. American Race Games!

Henry Ford built the model T in 1908. After that the auto industry bombed in America. Americans could choose any color Model T as long as it was black. Families would go on long trips with one another either to parks, fairs or even vacation resorts. The U.S citizen was now able to transport themselves too far of locations and really did not think twice about it. Since then, cars have become a commodity, where a select few can afford the high price luxury cars of the day. In order to give the average American the chance to even see or even have a simulated driving experience companies developed racing games. Three racing games within the last 20 years have stuck out as top contenders in the category showing of the beauty of the United States, whether it is in the rural country side or car infested cityscape. If you are up for an oldie that used to be in the arcades as well as on the N64 then Crusi’n USA is the way to go. Players could drive through Beverly Hills, The Grand Canyon and even Washington DC. Nothing like seeing national land marks up close and personal. Up for a high-end race where the mob is trying to kill you and you have your chance of winning your way out of debt? The Need for Speed The Run might just be your game. The game offers a wide variety of cars to race with while allowing players to drive continuously across the United Stated. The only down side to this game is the lack of customization, other than that its visually appealing graphics make up for any missing features. If neither of these suits your fancy but feel like using modern cars in an anything goes free for all demolition race, then Blur would be your best route. Blur literally is a combination of the cars from Need for Speed clashes with the rules of Mario Kart. Blur takes place different locations throughout the US.  Americans love their fast car and the babes the spread out on top of them. Need for Speed Rivals comes out November 19th.


4Th.  Historical Shooters!

Throughout the years rivers blood have been shed in the name of freedom or the conquering of land, War has always been a factor throughout the ages and help shape the nation that we celebrate today. The United States could no longer exist if it was not for the important wars fought within those last two centuries. The United States has not always been as big as it is today and there used to be times of toils even with the nation.  In The History Channel: Civil War – A Nation Divided players can experience historical battles between the Union and the Confederacy during the Civil War. Although the Union won the war, the Confederacy put a great fight. If they had won we might be under the control of a European nation and all of Europe could be vastly different. Not up for being a part of the military and wish you could be out in the old west? Then the Red Dead series might help bring out that inner cowboy. Ride through the desert on a horse with no name, raid forts, play poker and have shootouts with local bandits. If being a cowboy in the west does not work then why not kill Nazis? If call of Duty is your thing, then World at War is your best choice! Kill normal Nazis and relive one of the biggest world wars. If reliving the past of WWII is not in the cards and feel like killing the undead masses where it all began. If zombies feel stale but the urge to kill Nazi’s is still present then Wolfenstin might be your best bet as long as you don’t mind killing the super natural. To understand what is to occur in the future, we must learn from the past. Wolfenstein:  The New Order will be out some time later this year and Call of Duty Ghosts on November 5th.


 5th. Patriotic Heroes!

America has always been known for its stories of a hero coming to save the day. Whether they are the avenger of justice or just the rich playboy who wants to save his city, a hero always seems to arise. Three heroes arise that symbolize the American spirit of never giving up and fighting whatever enemy comes their way. First there is Marvel superhero Captain America. His name and attire scream patriotism! Starting out as puny young man, he felt it his duty to do his part in World War 2 and lend an aid to fight the Nazis. He volunteered for a risky experiment that transformed him from puny to the “ideal” man, talk about super steroids! After stopping one of the Nazi’s plans, he became frozen in an iceberg and would later be awakened to be part of The Avengers. If super heroes are not your cup of tea and like someone a little more obscene or crude then Duke Nukem is your guy. In Duke Nukem Forever, Duke fights to protect the US from alien invasion. The game is more for adult audiences but still fills a patriotic dream from a man’s perspective. Are finally selection is Assassins creed 3. Although the character of Connor may get annoying at times due to his selfish attitude and the acts that follow, Assassin’s Creed 3 still is probably the best game to play to give that patriotic feel. Not only does the player get to meet the founding fathers but also participates in some of the key events that helped the US separate from Britain. Experience the Boston Tea Party, The signing of the Declaration of Independence, Paul Revere’s famous ride and even participate in some of the key battles. Yes, this is a work of fiction but the story is what makes this game great even if the main protagonist is irritating. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black flag is set to release on October 29th and who doesn’t want to be a Pirate.


We here at Gamersbliss hope that this list helps inspire the patriotism in all of you. Remember the past may have already been written but the future is still unclear. Just keep moving forward and fight to make your dreams come true.  Have a great day! Have fun, be safe and enjoy time with family and friends! Also go check out the fireworks!

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