10 Things No Gamer Wants to Hear About Anymore

Would you kindly STFU? That was a meme. Classy wasn’t it? Anyways, in this list we’re going to look at some things people say that that nobody wants to hear about anymore. Dogmatist PC gamers, weeaboos, and everyone else should probably just turn around now.

10. Gaming Memes

le le le le. Going to your favorite website and finding stacks of memes is annoying. Not just annoying, but makes any site look like it’s run by 14 year olds. Please keep your shitty rage comics and whatever nostalgistic statement you want to say out of my favorite websites.

http://www.gamesradar.com/video-game-memes-111-best-game-images-jokes/ <—-Annoying

9. Xbox One vs. PS4

Everyone still arguing about what console is better than the other is beating a dead horse. Both consoles have disadvantages and both have advantages*. When the time comes both will be successful and both will make more money than you will ever make. So go back in your basement and complain to someone else. *Flame wars can be found in comment section below.

8. Kingdom Hearts


ok, are the fanboys gone? Yes? OK then, lets continue. What’s worse than Kingdom Hearts? The fans of the series. A series with everything I despise. A story about cutout anime characters with Disney characters fighting in a JRPG world that makes absolutely no sense. The hype around this game is probably the biggest in the gaming industry and many, like myself, just can’t figure out why. What makes it so special? I could understand if it broke some kind of untouched barrier, but it didn’t. It’s literally Final Fantasy with Disney.

7. Call of Duty Sucks

Yea, COD sucks. Haven’t heard this one on Xbox Live in like, forever. Only way to be any braver than this is to tell me all about how much better Battlefield 3 and how Skyrim is the best RPG ever made.

6. Call of Duty is Best Game Evar

^Who is this guy in the picture? I wouldn’t know since my favorite game of all time is Black Ops II. Doesn’t matter though I already have my favorite game picked out for next year. By the way have I mentioned what my highest killstreak is? Oh, BRO DO YOU PLAY ZOMBIES? ONE TIME I GOT A WUNDERFLAGGELSHAFFELWAFFERWAFFEN.

5. Lists

Three things I really hate.
1. Call of Duty
2. Lists
3. Irony

4. Telling People how superior you are because you play…Battlefield, PC, Shitty Japanese RPG’s, Etc.

I’ll be the first to admit that I only play PC. If you play anything else, what the hell is wrong with you? How did your mother not get an abortion when she found out that you play COD instead of Battlefield? Seriously though, stop talking like an elitist asshole, it makes you look insecure and you probably hate yourself. Wait…

Also, I lied about the 10 things. Deal with it.

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