5 Great things About Xbox One

The Xbox One has caught some negative wind since its announcement. This negative attention has made a lot of hardcore gamer’s side with Sony’s PS4, even if they were previous Xbox 360 fans. In recent time the tables have stabilized and the console war has presented itself on more of a balanced state. We are fans of both console and will undoubtedly be purchasing both because as we see it both companies have gone above and beyond to try to make the console gaming experience a better experience.

While we will be compiling an article featuring all the great things about the PS4 within the coming weeks, for now we are going to take the time to highlight great key points about Xbox One. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on which console is the better buy and why but there is no getting around that both are great pieces of hardware with wonderful options for every type of player. So what do we think the great things about Xbox One are so far?


Xbox One achievements

By now, achievements are old news and have PlayStation as a competitor with Trophies however Xbox One has made this old experience cherished and new again. We say that achievements are cherished because with Xbox One all your hard earned points will carry over to the next-gen console. For everyone who favored Xbox 360 in the current –gen race, odds are you got a healthy amount of achievements that you wish to keep with you. They are your credit for doing various challenging tasks in your favorite games; it was a smart move to let players keep their achievements especially those who ended up building their score up to monstrous levels.

There is also said to be an improved achievement set up, as well as, achievements for the actual console. So far one of the console achievements is called Day One and is exclusive to those who pre-ordered the Day One Bundle.

Improved Sports Experience

Xbox One Football

After the grand announcement of Xbox One people had a good laugh about how much the company talked about TV when all we really wanted to hear about is games. While with all the TV talk not all was bad because Xbox One has found a way to make sports better. It sounds like the impossible but Xbox One has made a big move for sports fanatics by adding fantasy league very easily accessible while playing sports games or watching your favorite sports on TV. For the fantasy football fan, Xbox One has made your like just a bit better with this function. Because Xbox One can connect to the internet as well as the TV reaching you fantasy team will be easier. Your team can be right in front of you at all times, so no more searching through your phone and tablets; it will be right there at easy viewing for you. What Xbox One has done is make it so you can keep track of your team without ever having to take your attention away from the game that’s going on. You can even have updates from your fantasy team appear as pop ups during the game you are currently watching. If this is something that you take part in Xbox One has heightened that experience for you.


Xbox One Twitch

Xbox One has also announced a partnership with Twitch. This is a live streaming video service that focuses on gaming and gaming culture. Because gaming content on other websites had become so huge, Twitch made an easy way for people to live stream game play and more from their favorite video games. This is an extremely interesting way for gamers to express themselves. Now that Xbox One and Twitch are on the same team, live streaming will be easily accessed by any and every gamer on the upcoming console. This puts a competition on PS4’s sharing capabilities and yet it is in a way that every player would dream of. With Twitch’s over 35 million monthly visitors this function will catch a lot of attention on Xbox One. Twitch is involved with the Xbox One at Hardware level; Xbox Live Gold members will be able to create their own world of themselves outside revolving around gaming and display that to the world of gamers. Broadcasting yourself, your skills and more is highly appealing but when you can do that to the large audience visiting Twitch each day that amazement is taken to an entirely new level. Be prepared to be widely recognized for you skill and personality over the world wide web because this is something that people are going to love to have such easy access to.

Exclusive Games

Xbox One Exclusive games

Xbox One had previous announced that they will be releasing 15 exclusive Xbox One titles in the first year of the consoles release. This addition to the list is not to plot the Xbox One against the PS4 in any way by mentioning this because we all know the PS4 has a number of great exclusives too. Why the exclusives have made it into this list is because the information is pleasing to any Xbox fan. Xbox has never been known for having the biggest and best exclusive games besides their Halo and Gears of War franchise. The information about Xbox One and more exclusives to their personal roaster means they are making an improvement to their hardcore audience and realizing that in the previous console battle this is something that they really needed to work on. Where as a gamer can choose if they think the look of the Xbox One or PS4 exclusive games look the best it cannot be ignored that Xbox One is trying to up the ante with exclusives and offer their fans something that has seemingly lacked great capacity in the past.

They Listened to Fans

Xbox One Used Games

When is the last time you heard of a huge company changing their policy because a large group of fans caused a buzz about how much they hated it; especially when that policy was meant to gain that particular more revenue in the long run? This is something that doesn’t happen every day and because fans didn’t want to be restricted with used games and a 24 hour log in Xbox One got rid of that. Of course the argument against this is the fact that they shouldn’t have made the console so restricted feeling in the first place but it happened and they showed that what their fans wanted actually mattered and changed that policy. Microsoft was headed straight to taking EA off its “Worse company of the year” thrown but now with the complete 180 they pulled they have proven that their fans voices are being heard. It would have ultimately been better to be presented with the console without greed when it was first announced because that does hinder trust but it does feel good that fans indeed do matter to Microsoft… after all we are whole keeps them up and running.

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