Hey Gamer Gurls… You Can Blend in

One thing about being a girl that likes video games that comes to be the most utterly annoying thing about the hobby is other female gamers. When I say this I don’t mean the girls who like to play video games as a pastime or the girls that just find an enjoyment in games; what I mean is the ‘girl gamer’ , ‘gamer gurl’ or whatever else they like to call themselves now-a-days. Before we start, understand that this is not intended to offend the real actual females out there nor does it mean they are required to “blend in”; so gaming ladies, odds are this doesn’t apply to you. It’s meant for the support of the true female gaming community and actually meant to support our misunderstood male counterparts.

Lets classify who the enemy is; the enemy to this article is the ‘gamer gurl’. They are girls who love attention and girls who advertise themselves as gamers. These females might actually play games, sure some of them love the culture just as much as other gamers, but the way they treat gaming is different. These are your ladies that announce they are a girl within second of a match starting, the same girls who love nothing more but to display that their a gamer by posting provocative gaming related photos over social networks and of course the ones that forget clothes are required to go out in public; yes, even at conventions.

One of the most annoying things they do is complain. They complain about being mistreated by guy gamers and they complain about not fitting in as a gamer. First of all, guys would treat them a heck of a lot better if they were not making it a big deal that they are female. Secondly, they can fit in if they change their attention seeking attitude.

When gamers game the last thing they want is someone else whining in their ear. No matter if the whining is coming from a kid, a background noise or a girl. The odds of ‘gamer gurls’ joining games and whining about themselves being a girl, being attractive, dying, killing or anything else on the face of the earth are high. Unfortunately, this attitude from these girls not only gives them negative attention but it gives guy gamers a bad rep for getting fed up with it. The bottom line is, some girls do this and they not only ruin respect for the true girls out there but they make the gaming community look bad for getting fed up with it. It is totally understood why people get upset with this. It ruins the experience for all around and at the cost of these ‘gamers’ just wanting attention.

So ladies (no not all of you), if you don’t like the disrespect you get from a lobby there are things you can do to change it. No, that doesn’t mean complain, it means be a gamer not an attention seeking fiend. Being a girl who plays video games can be an easy road, a route with little disrespect and a very fun experience as long as you treat yourself with the amount of respect you believe you deserve. If you don’t want people to make a big deal about being a girl, don’t announce it. If you don’t want to be disrespected for your beauty, don’t post provocative pictures where all can see. If you can’t stand being accused of not being a gamer, show that you are by knowledge of the subject. If you don’t what to be treated like a toy at a convention, cover your girls up. It’s a simple formula that will work for anyone that uses it.

Also a note to you regular girls out there that feel the disrespect for virtually no good reason, in every field and hobby there will be sour apples. Our apples would be a lot less sour without the rise of ‘gamer gurls’ seeking attention. I feel for you too, we have all been there but let’s be honest; we wouldn’t get as much negative attention without the actions created by ‘gamer gurls’ that all females who like video games are labled with.

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