How Achievements will work on Xbox One

Worried your achievements won’t transfer over to your Xbox One? Wondering what the new system might be for your gamerscore in the next-gen? Good thing your on for the right information and gaming content that gamers need. Achievements will be changing isn’t the word they want you to think of, it’s more along the lines of expanding in its current form with little tweaks here and there. Cierra McDonald the program manager for the Xbox Live Achievements service has released some details regarding the tweak.

First thing obviously your current gamerscore will carry over from your Xbox360 to the Xbox One so no worries thinking you’re going to start out with 0 at launch of the Xbox One, so all your blood, sweat, cramps and blisters will show on the new system also the achievements will be overhauled to offer gamers extra content and great extras.

“With Xbox One, we are once again breaking the mold and this time, we want consumers to reap more tangible benefits. In addition to Gamerscore, which will remain as a critical part of the Xbox gaming experience… consumers can now unlock digital artwork, new maps, unlockable characters, and temporary stat boosts via achievements.”

Apps have also been confirmed to include achievements now, so maybe watching the new Halo series religiously will give you some Halo goods or a TV based achievement? More information will come and you’ve got to stay close to in order to be the first to know these things, and for more frequent updates follow me in twitter @MrDarkPhoenix

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