E3 2013: Top 5 Fresh Faces

E3 is always the place for companies to announce new games. This year in particular was special not just because of the various game companies waiting to make grand new AAA announcements but because we were treated to new information regarding upcoming next-gen consoles from the two leading consoles companies. Sony and Microsoft made their announcements of the PS4 and Xbox One prior to the big show but ended up showing off a lot of exclusive games as well as releasing answers to questions gamers were sitting on since their announcements. Even with the big dogs with their brand new hardware, gamers will tend to flock to all the newest and best games out there. In order to make a good game you need a good character. This list is focused on all the new characters to the gaming industry, old franchises and new! Old franchises can be reinvented with brand new characters just as well as new IP’s thrive from characters. Over all that was shown at the entire show who do we consider our top 5 fresh faces of E3 2013?

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag– Edward Kenway

Assassins Creed IV

Not that E3 2013 was the first time we learned of this new hero, the first time we really got to see him in action nor the first information we learned about him but he is still an addition to the list because he has yet to land himself on home consoles. Edward is ‘new’ to all of us and the true definition of cool. He is a pirate and an assassin who lives a life of greed and glory; is there anything cooler than that? One thing that we love about this guy is he is a guy who seeks self gain but adores other aspects of life. Another point to make about Edward Kenway as a character is the fact that he directly connects to other assassins/ ancestors we already know well. He is the father of Haytham Kenway which means he is the grandfather of Assassin’s Creed III’s Connor. This is a dig deeper into this string of the story which is neat considering most often times in the Assassin’s Creed series players are following the ancient struggle of Assassin’s vs. Templars, as well as, the story of Desmond and his modern problems. Diving deep into Edward’s personal life will provide puzzle pieces to things we have wanted to know. This is a reckless character that will be a thrill to go on a journey with.

Dead Rising 3– Nick Ramos

Dead Rising 3 Nick

Xbox One made a huge announcement with their exclusive rights to Dead Rising3. In Dead Rising 3 we will meet a new character facing the same zombie outbreak as Frank West and Chuck Greene had. This new character will go on his journey after the events of Fortune City as the widespread zombie outbreak takes its toll in California. Nick travels a make-believe city in the sunshine state called Los Perdidos. Los Perdidos provides players with a beautifully horrific look at an open world with no load times. Nick will travel with a team of survivors who all have a mutual goal; leave the city before the military destroys the area. The military plans to strike the outbreak area and whip out the zombies and all else who live in the area. Once again we take the trip of two different main enemies, zombies and military, as our new character Nick crafts a story of his own.

Call of Duty: Ghost’s– Ghost Team and Riley

Calld of Duty Ghosts

Being the next generation of Call of Duty is such a name to live up to. This is a game that can really be named Call of Duty 10 and a game that is part of such a huge and long running series that people expect a lot out of it. Once again, E3 was of course not the first look at the game but it was the first we were able to truly dig deeper and see the game in action. It was a beautiful display, something that all Call of Duty fans will be impressed with. They have not released a lot of information regarding their characters except that they are what’s left of the United States Special Operations forces who have grouped together with their identities concealed. Also, a new character has been added to the game and not in human form in which we got a very close look at. Riley is a German Sheppard who will help the Ghost team throughout their missions. This is a very unique character to the Call of Duty franchise because it’s a dog that is not prepared to attack you. In the showing that we got of the game, Riley was a very good asset and will be a character that quickly grows on the player. He will come in handy to the Ghost team. If you thought Call of Duty was getting ‘over done’ in the past, prepare to eat your words with what Ghost’s showed off at E3 2013; it’s not what you’re expecting.

The Walking Dead 400 Days– Survivors

The Walking Dead 400 Days Characters

Even though it’s DLC, a game as big as The Walking Dead deserves some props. The characters featured in this one episode DLC will follow 5 different stories. In these 5 different stories we find ourselves with 5 new fresh faces, Bonnie, Wyatt, Vince, Russell and Shel. Each of the 5 different stories can be played in any order and they each take place during the same slot of time during 400 days. They begin from day one of the outbreak on progress from there. By the end all the stories will wrap up and be shaped by the choices you have made through season 1. The choices you make in the DLC will also affect what you experience in Season 2! Why are these characters on our list? Because the previous characters on The Walking Dead stole our hearts like no other. We expect to feel the same love for the new characters announced at E3 2013 for The Walking Dead 400 Days.

Destiny– Guardians


Destiny was undoubtedly one of the largest and favored games at E3. This game was definitely very impressive and fans love the next-gen game play that is seemingly master through seamless co-op and multiplayer integration. The story will focus around the Guardians. These are the last defenders of humanity that work to protect the Earth’s last city. While as most characters on our list can be described by personality this addition is special because the player gets to choose who they are. In Destiny the character you embody is one of three distinct races as well as a player chosen class. Gamers will be able to choose from the Human, Awoken and Exo races with the class of either Hunter, Warlocks or Titans. Each will have their own perks and drawbacks of course but these fresh faces are important not only because they are by far from one the most anticipated next-gen titles at the moment but because you really get to choose who this ‘face’ is and why they are as cool as they are.

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