Aveline de Grandpre returns as Sony exclusive character

Ahoy gamersbliss.com readers we bring you some new booty of information regarding the upcoming Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. Remember Aveline de Grandpre from the Playstation Vita exclusive Assassins Creed Liberation? Well as a Sony Exclusive aka PS3 and PS4 playable missions continuing from the conclusion of Liberation’s, without getting to far into how she’ll be coming back let’s just leave it at the animus gets an upgrade from her game leaving us in 1777 which is years after the start of Black Flag which starts in 1715 giving some segway in time to have the two games and characters connect, not sure if Aveline de Grandpre will be fighting alongside fellow assassin Edward Conway  but it’s still great to see an amazing character make her reappearance even as a single platform exclusive we at gamersbliss are glad to see Aveline come back.

“Ubisoft is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of play, and that is why we are expanding our partnership with PlayStation to bring PlayStation fans one-of-a-kind content for two of the year’s most anticipated games, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Watch Dogs. With an hour of exclusive gameplay for each title, yet again we are blazing new trails by providing more unique experiences that can only be found on PlayStation.”

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