E3 2013: Lords of the Fallen Preview- The Definition of Next-Gen RPG

City Interactive showed off an impressive display with Lords of the Fallen at E3 2013. Lords of the Fallen is a next-gen fantasy/medieval RPG that is set to release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This game follows the tale of man vs. god in a dark action packed adventure that will keep you coming back for more. As it claims to be one of the hardest ARPG’s coming out, there is a lot for the game to live up to. With what we have seen from our preview at E3 this year, we have not only found out more information about the game but we have also come to realize that this game has true potential to live up to that bold statement.

At the start of our live demo preview there was a choice between which characters to choose for our mini journey into the game. We had the choice to experience this demo with a Warrior, Cleric or Rogue. Each of these characters had different special abilities that would ultimately end up aiding them in combat, as well as, individual advantages and disadvantages to choosing them. The Warrior is a heavy hitter with a slow presence but ends up being rather balanced. This character posses the special ability of called rage; it speaks for itself. The Cleric choice is very slow and hits very hard wielding a large battle hammer. To aid him in battle he is able to make clones of himself to better strike his opponents. Last but not least is Rouge, a fast moving but causes little damage. This characters special ability is stealth where he can use shadow to disappear.

Lords of the Fallen

Even though the characters have perks, drawbacks and special abilities it is important to make note the Lords of the Fallen does not pay a lot of attention to class. Each and every player has a different play style so instead of restricting fans by labeling with a class, the development team has left ends unbinding. The way you can determine class is solely by which weapon you choose rather than having it be like most RPG’s in a restricting standpoint. The freedom given by the lack in class is comfortable as if the game is morphing around you instead of you molding to it.

Having Lords of the Fallen on a brand new engine has made improvements vital and successfully executed. This game presents players with a non linear experience with freedom to dig deep into the story or pursue only main areas. The best part about it is how well the game adapts to the player without having to ask questions. Along with the new engine comes beautiful graphics to engage in the ultimate experience with this game.

Lords of the Fallen has also taken combat to the next level. While to the blind eye it could look typical, this is not a game where players should rely on button mashing. The way to truly succeed at this title is patience and tactical approach. There are of course average RPG elements in the combat like popping a potion when needed and dodging to reduce damage but Lords of the Fallen has a different take on things we would consider average for the genre. The game is centered around tactical combat, yes, you have to think about it but it also leaves you with openings to make choices about your combat style. When you stand at a distance from a tough enemy that you do not wish to take head on, find a different route, sneak up behind him and hit him hard before he even knows your there. It is experiences like this that help this game stand out in the crowded genre and catch some very positive attention.

Lords of the Fallen

Like stated above, this is a tale of man vs. god. A somewhat common approach to ARPG’s but one gamers will never get tired of, especially with the unique qualities Lords of the Fallen possesses. To go along with the epic battle of man against mighty deity comes the addition of bosses. Everyone likes a good boss battle and this is something that seems to be lacking in every genre of modern gaming; we are glad to see them in a game that they fit perfectly in. In Lords of the Fallen bosses aren’t just bosses but they are otherworldly lords that travel to corrupt your life from another dimension. You can spot a fog storm from across the room and know that a boss is waiting to pop into your dimension to cause havoc.

To take out these superior lords you must use the same combat tactics as you would in regular combat which means think before you mash. When battling in one of these tough battles you must remember to be patient and getting too greedy with damage can cost you your life. It came to a pleasant surprise to know that inflicting great damage on these eerie supernatural beings can cause a bleeding effect that works in your favor.

Lords of the Fallen proved itself to be a true definition of what it will take to be a next generation ARPG. To look at gaming as of now we see a modern community with lack in original ideas. We have been sucked into a whole of ‘every games the same’ or ‘there is so much cut scene that I’m hardly even playing’ but Lords of the Fallen has established that next-gen isn’t about that. To this company next-gen is about taking an experience that we love, gaming, and making that experience better for the player while remaining a game; there is not much more we can ask for. A note to the wonderful team who continue to work hard on Lords of the Fallen: thank you for remembering your audience and appealing to us in an improved way that we would have never imagined possible.

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