E3 2013: Hands-on with The Crew- What a Driving Game Should Be Like

At E3 2013, Ubisoft had a huge surprise in store. The big surprise for fans around the world was Ubisoft announcing their upcoming next-gen driving game, The Crew. This is a game that levels players in the heart of an open world setting in the United States. The Crew is seriously a huge map of the entire United States leaving players to roam around well known landmarks, take on driving challenges and game with friends in an experience never before witnessed in gaming before. It takes over 90 minutes to travel coast to coast in-game and leaves single player, co-op and multiplayer seamlessly hidden within the map. This no load time, open world adventure plots players together to take out massive criminal organizations throughout the major cities of the United States.

Getting hand-on with this game was a dream come true for any driving game fan. If you have seen the trailer released during the show you have witnessed the way that your vehicle travels on any terrain to do various tasks either in single player, co-op or multiplayer. Having these three common modes together in one open-world setting was breathtaking; just the way it was set up (while letting the player choose if they wish to play with others) was something that defined what it means to be a next-gen gaming experience.

Starting off the demo was single player. Throughout the single player experience we were able to start up various challenges in the city we chose to be in. Some of the different challenges I personally got to try was driving through checkpoints and maintaining a constant speed for as long as possible. These are average sounding but when you are placed in a world where you are with the rest of the community the loves the same game you do the experience is taken from you battling AI to taking on a real community in a single player experience.

The Crew

Playing the game on the new Xbox One was a flawless experience. It was a bit difficult to control the vehicles on the game but not something that players won’t get used to. The controls seemed more realistic than other games, the car would shake when traveling at max speed and crashes weren’t as simple as regaining the speed the way lost. Being a gamer that enjoys racing games but doesn’t tend to love realistic racing experiences with totaling cars, losing control and ect; the experience presented with The Crew was no bother. The Crew was also set up nicely with a back-up time button for those crashes that are so bad that they could destroy all the efforts you worked towards. So although the experience with gameplay that was given was greatly geared toward realism it would not be considered a disappointment to those who do not prefer that sort of driving experience because there are ways to get around wipeouts.

After a sort but sweet single player challenge experience the demo showed off its cooperative gameplay. While the single player experience was a joy the best part about The Crew that we were able to demo at the show was the cooperative experience. The GamersBliss crew was placed together with the mutual goal of eliminating an armored vehicle. We drove together and worked together to get this car destroyed. Experience this part of the game popped the thought of ‘this is what people want from a driving game’ appear. It was an experience that was something that would have previously been deemed inexistent and yet there it was in the hands of the player.

When it come to The Crew, its glory is really very hard to explain. It was amazing and it was truly very hard to understand how good it was going to be until it was actually time to get hands-on with it. When a company talks about an experience where single player, co-op and multiplayer is combined into one we find ourselves getting worried that our privacy will be invaded. The Crew showed us that it is just a way to add to the experience without the stress of other invading your area unless that is the way you want to play. Overall, the experience was like none ever experienced in gaming before. Our only complaint as of now is that there will be no same system co-op.

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