E3 2013: Kingdom Hearts 3 Plot and Development Information

The game we’ve all been wondering where the heck it’s been since Kingdom Hearts 2 dropped and several prequels, other sequels, and even HD remakes in it’s path have proven that great things come to those who wait and were proud to present more information regarding Kingdom Hearts 3 to all of our readers here on gamersbliss!

The plot of Kingdom Hearts III revolves around Master Xehenort trying to keep balance between light and darkness by sparking a war against the “tyranny of light.” Throughout the game, Sora, Donald and Goofy look for the remaining seven guardians of light and the “Key to Return Hearts.” Meanwhile, King Mickey and Riku will search for previous Keyblade wielders.

Previous Keyblade Wielders? So far the only one that comes to mind is… well here’s a hint she’s a Barbie Girl looking for a Candy Man, and gets Roses. The Osaka studio who created Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is working on the project which doesn’t worry us at gamersbliss seeing as how Dream Drop Distance is am amazing game in the franchise to take on a console game is a great feat for them that will do it justice.

Even better returning to Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the return of our treasured team mates Donald Duck and Goofy! Can’t wait for them to return as well as the fluid introduction to the flow motion battle system introduced in Dream Drop Distance. No need to worry though gamers the gameplay is going to stick to what we know and love with just little new additions based on new styles introduced.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to Playstation 4 AND Xbox One no release date

E3 is here and gamers you have the best coverage on the web with gamersbliss.com so stay tuned and we’ll keep the news coming and updates from E3 and beyond. For more frequent updates follow me on twitter @MrDarkPhoenix

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