E3 2013 Halo 5 or A New Story Altogether

After the announcement of Halo: Spartan Assault, we have seen a glimpse of what lies in the future for Halo. Showing a cloaked man walking through the desert, he comes across a mechanical beast, in which the wind blows the hood of the cloak back and Master Chiefs helmet is revealed. The helmet that sends shivers down any Halo fans spine. The major question is will this leave of of where Halo 4 left off or will it be the start of a new story? All it showed was the name Halo at the end leaving that still unknown. Either way there will be a Halo title for Xbox One within the next two years, only question is how will it change with the loss of Cortana and will this cause chief to change as well. Halo has always been one of Microsoft’s top selling franchises, so it was well foreseen that a Halo game would come out. Sadly with the limited reveal it seems like the new Halo will now be out within the next year so it will not be a launch title that helps drive the sales of the Xbox one. So what will take Halo’s iconic place for that duty? Halo should release sometime in 2014.

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