Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Remake Please?

Out of all the Franchise’s the Nintendo has, Pokémon is one of the top selling ones of this current era. Pokémon X & Y will be the 6th generation in the Pokémon games franchise. With Pokémon X & Y set to be released on October 31st, this year (2013), one big question arises. What is next for the Pokémon franchise? Fans of the Pokémon franchise seemed to be rather disappointed with the last generation of games and are praying that this round will not be a repeat of the last. One idea for the Pokémon franchise is to make it a 3D world like Skyrim were players can run around battling and catching their favorite Pokémon, and connecting online to battle their friends. With the Wii-U online this seems like an easy possibility and one that would be rather profitable. The next Idea is for a remake of the previous generations.


Currently in the Pokémon franchise, there have been remakes of both Generation 1 & 2. Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver are generation 2 remakes that are still playable on the current hand held system that Nintendo has; whereas Pokémon Fire Red & Leaf Green, Generation 1, are not playable unless you have a regular DS or a Game Boy Advanced. That means potentially Nintendo could remake the 1st generation of Pokémon and due to its popularity it would be likely to sell, especially if they remade Pokémon Yellow. Alternatively they could remake the 3rd generation of Pokémon, which would make multiple fans of that generation happy, which would make Nintendo happy because they would earn more money. So why should Nintendo remake generation 3? Simple! First they have not done it before so it would be something new and second, this year is Ruby & Sapphires 10 year anniversary.


So what makes Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire so special and why should they have a remake? One Key reason is they were the best-selling Game Boy Advanced games. Another reason is it brought multiple new features into the Pokémon franchise. Ruby and Sapphire introduced user-friendly graphical interface. The 3rd generation also introduced abilities, berries, berry blend game, natures, double battles, stat changes, ribbons and even Pokémon contests. One vastly forgotten fact is that the main character had both parents during the story. Also it was the first Pokémon game to not include the Kanto region. One sad aspect from the original games was that you could not transfer  Pokémon from the Game Boy Color to the Game Boy Advanced. Ruby and Sapphire was more colorful than its predecessor which helped define landscape, that battle background changed depending on the area and Pokémon in party could be differentiated from. My favorite feature from this game was the Hidden Base option. This option was given to players after receiving or learning the move Hidden Power and would allow the player to create a little hide out in different areas. The fort/ hideout could be anywhere from in a big tree to in a cliff-side in a desert. What made the hideout system so awesome was when you linked with friends you could share data placing their hidden base and their character into the game, meaning you can battle them whenever you wanted. Sadly that version of them would not update their party or their Pokémon’s levels until your friend did it again but you could still explore their base. Ruby and Sapphire also introduced new team of villians as well as a who bunch of new items, even the PokéGear was  revamped.


These vast changes helped revolutionize the Pokémon franchise and helped make it what it is today. It made the game more strategic. The Pokémon in Ruby & Sapphire were based off of nature. So if any Pokémon game deserves a chance it would be Ruby and Sapphire. What is your favorite Pokémon game and why? Do you think Ruby and Sapphire should be remade?

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