Restricting Pre-Owned Games: A Bad Idea

So as many gamers now know, the new Microsoft Xbox One will be restricting used games so you have to pay a fee in order to have access to the game. The fee amount hasn’t been announced yet but I’m sure it will cost gamers a pretty penny. This means no you can’t play just the campaign, no multiplayer, dlc, nope nothing. Microsoft and publishers love this idea because it prevents the sale of second hand games where they get $0.00 for the sale. They hope that because consumers won’t have the option of new and preowned anymore, they would most likely end up picking the new game. This way, they get all of the profit. This sounds great for them but in the eyes of most consumers this is a bad idea.

I completely understand that the people who helped to create the product deserve money if you purchase a game made by them and for their console, the Xbox. They worked hard to create their product and deserve credit and profit from it.  However, when it comes to video games, you can’t create a product that most gamers will beat in a night or two, or a lackluster game full of bugs and issues and expect people to be happy with their purchase. When you have prices up in the $60.00 dollar range for a new title and add in the fact that they may not like the game and can’t return it, it is no wonder that a lot of gamers go for the preowned first. Sometimes it can feel like a big gamble when you purchase a new game because you have no idea how good it is going to be. Can you imagine if you purchase it, hate it, and can’t do anything with it (besides snap it in half)… frustrating.


One of the reasons some gamers will take a risk and pick up that new game is because they will be able to trade it in for at least 30% of what they paid for it. I know that’s not awesome but at least it is something.  Not only that but whenever I have bought a newer game preowned, I had no intention of picking up that game until it was really cheap or preowned so I could see if I liked it. Some of my favorite games I would’ve never given a chance unless I got them preowned and was able to try them out for myself. This would include Mass Effect where I spent about $20.00 on Mass Effect used. After playing it and absolutely loving it, I ended up loving the series and purchased Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition brand new (Along with a lot of their dlc packs as well). Therefore, they made lots of money off me when they wouldn’t have in the first place. I’m sure this is true for lots of gamers.

Preowned games can still get producers and Microsoft money and that is through dlc. But the problem with dlc is that most companies really make lackluster dlc. Because of this, not too many people end up phishing out the money in order to play the add ons. Maybe if they were really good and game companies took their time making them, then they could make some money off the preowned games.

So… Microsoft and publishers think by cutting out the preowned category, they will pick up most of that money that would’ve been used on preowned games? Not likely. As you have probably seen online, there has been a huge backlash because of this preowned fee (Along with other issues (*Cough* requiring a connection to the internet once a day *Cough*) and for my honest opinion, I think they deserve it.

What is your opinion on this issue? What game did you pick up preowned and ended up finishing the series only buying new? Let us know down below!


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