Pokemon Tower Defense Game

Are you a fan of tower defense games? Have you ever wished that you could play a tower defense game with Pokemon in it? Well then you are in luck! Then this is just the game that you have been dreaming of! Pokemon Tower Defense can be found on  multiple gaming websites, so in case your work or school blocks the a specific site, there are many more to take its place. Most versions of the games allow you to link it to your email so no matter which site you are on, you can most likely load your profile as well as save it. This tower defense allows you to have three saves unlike the regular Pokemon games that allow only one. In the first Pokemon Tower Defense game the player gets to choose between one of the three first gen starters. Then the player must pick between which generation 1 version of the game they would like to play. From the very beginning the plot is established and the very first mission the player must defend and protect Professor Oaks rare candies from the hypnotized Rattatas. Multiple character, from the game and show, appear in the story to aid you.The game also introduce some Pokemon into different areas compared to the Nintendo game but a majority of them you cannot catch immediately.


The Pokemon level up and evolve similar to the handheld game. In order to level your Pokemon, you need to pay Poke-dollars to level them up. Poke-dollars and experience are earned by defeating the waves of Pokemon that come at you. As a heads up some levels may need to be repeated in order to level your Pokemon up enough in order to have a fighting chance on the next map. Heads up Pokemon will retain level or experience that they obtained even if a level is failed. Good tip, make sure to save every so often.



Overall the Pokemon Tower Defense game can be rather addicting and eat up hours of your time. There is a multiplayer option to the Pokemon Tower Defense Game. The original can be found on http://samdangames.blogspot.com/p/play-ptd_16.html. Whenever you are done with the first one the Pokemon Tower Defense Game 2 is available, with Pokemon generation 2. Pokemon can be transferred to Pokemon Tower Defense game 2 as well. Both are available on the same site. The Pokemon Tower Defense was at one time on the Android Market Place but was removed quickly due to licensing issues.  There are most likely still ways to download the game but you will have to look for it. So if these seems like something that would be appealing to you, go try it out!


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