Xbox One is a Females Worst Nightmare

First of all, let’s get one thing straight; no one seems to be happy with Xbox One and that feeling is mutual between gamers both male and female. Being a female gamer has proven itself to be a challenge in modern gaming. Whereas before females just quietly fit in with a gaming crowd, still an outcast but not doubted, now some gaming females have taken our culture as a way to gain internet fame; these are not the females we will be discussing. In this article we are talking about the real females; the females who sign into their account everyday just to game. Those girls that just like everyone else want to sit down, relax and play a damn video game.

Xbox One has made its first appearance and no gamer is truly impressed with what was shown. Microsoft failed to show off many exclusive game to anticipate and instead focused its attention on functions and interior. This is a fine move considering E3 is just around the corner and E3 is the biggest place to show off games; it can be argued that it was actually a better move of Microsoft to wait untill the big show to blow people out of the water. Anyway, what they did show off is the Kinect and how gamers can use that in ways never before possible. The new ways the Kinect can be used focuses on TV, apps and, the big one, Skype.

So to refer back to our prime subject matter, the Xbox One is going to be torture to any true female gamer. Why? Because even now females get bombarded with messages, friend requests and party/ game invites. Where some ladies want to sit down after a rough day and play a single player game or a multiplayer match alone the odds of getting messages from half the people online on your friends list or random fools you run into are high. Now that every Xbox One will come with a camera every gamer will have one and the harassment will go from a text or voice message to a possible video message or even countless video invites. It will be tough to deal with for the female as it will be much harder to ignore and every other gamer will be in full knowledge that they too can send pictures and engage in video actions.

Another issue that will surround the female gaming crowd is dirty pictures from random gamers. After Xbox 360 released their camera it was more than common to receive a picture of private parts or provocative poses from random gamers. Now that everyone will have a camera at their disposal this will surly increase. Sure, it’s easy to ignore but it’s still not pleasant.

Xbox One isn’t catering to any gamer as of now but with what has been announced it could easily end up being a females worse nightmare.

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  1. They only get spammed with invites and messages is because a female gamer feels that she needs to announce her gender. i.e: “GamingAngle”, “GamurGurl” etc.

    They allow them selves to be targets. You don’t see guy saying: “Yes I’m a GUY and I play GAMES”. He’s just a gamer.

    And when you seek attention, you get attention, both good and bad.

  2. Why would females be bombarded with invites and video messages?

    Do you have statistics that proves women are more susceptible to this kind of behavior?

    I don’t understand why such annoying features would be a specific nuisance for women anyways, it seems like anyone could be bombarded by annoying invites?

  3. Why the hell do girls go out of their way to point out their fucking gender.

    “no one seems to be happy with Xbox One and that feeling is mutual between gamers both male and female. Being a female gamer has proven itself to be a challenge in modern gaming. Whereas before females just quietly fit in with a gaming crowd, still an outcast but not doubted”

    Your point would have validity if most if not all of gamer girls I have seen actually fucking thrive off of receiving such attention, as much as they like to bitch about it. Girl gamers do get harassed and bombarded by invites, messages, etc. but what do girl gamers do to get such a response from them just playing a game? How do people even recognize that they’re a girl in the first place? If a girl uses a mic in a game normally (“that was funny,” “I’m kicking ass,” etc.) they usually won’t get bothered and those that do go out of their way to stalk them are few and far in between. Those who act like attention whores will receive, you guessed it, attention.

  4. Penis Owner // May 22, 2013 at 1:18 pm // Reply

    I think the Xbox Juan is going to be shit…BUT GODDAMN FEMINISTS!!!! Is this really the only shit you managed to come up with?

    You’re insulting both men and women.
    Men arn’t rapists
    Women arn’t whimps


  5. Real srs probs // May 22, 2013 at 1:19 pm // Reply

    Man if only there was a way to “not see” or “not hear” something someone else has sent you. Dang, such advanced technology would be heralded by women and men alike for being able to block out and ignore the masses of trolls, morons, pre-16 year olds, and idiots that any semi-anonymous system produces.

    ……oh wait.

  6. Shouldn’t it be “Worst Nightmare”?

  7. Alan Smithson // May 22, 2013 at 1:26 pm // Reply

    no thats incorrect

  8. I can only shake my head over this article.

  9. Charlemagne // May 22, 2013 at 4:16 pm // Reply


  10. Articles like this, make me ashamed to be a girl. >_<

    I read it hoping it would be like, "xbox one is a female's worst nightmare….. because the controllers have gotten even bigger and are now hard to get a good grip on for our '(generally) scientifically smaller hands'" or something that actually has some validity to it. This just makes me sad.

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