Among the Sleep Will Keep You Awake for Days

Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure coming out soon from Krillbite Studio in which players take the role of a toddler navigating through surreal landscapes with the help of his trusty teddybear. Their Kickstater campaign comes to an end this saturday and they have already reached their fundraising goal, but i’m sure more money will only make the final release better. A Playable Alpha is also available through their Kickstarter page (Click Here to get There) and I highly recommend downloading it before Saturday.

Among the Sleep Concept ARt

Among the Sleep Concept Art

As it is an alpha it is still in early stages, environments aren’t super polished, but the gameplay is surreal and the creepiest thing I’ve played in years. First off, I love the concept, the perspective is low to the ground and when you look down you either see tiny hands coming out of a stars and moon onesie, if you’re crawling, or the little body of a toddler in said onesie if you’re standing.

Not your average Teddy

Not your average Teddy

Playing a two-year old is something that I don’t think has been done in gaming before, especially from a first-person perspective, and it gives the player this feeling of insignificance in the world. You have to push chairs and climb drawers to open doors and you spend most of the playable trailer (I think that is the most appropriate term for this alpha) crawling on all fours or standing briefly to climb and push objects. This feeling of the world not being made for you and having to approach problems in a whole new light is where this game thrives.

The environments stand out as well. While the playable trailer didn’t give too much in terms of the environments, you do see the surreal nature of the game as you wander around your house in the dead of night, looking unsuccessfully for your mother after you and your teddy are ejected from your bedroom by some invisible force.  As you can see here, this is going to be one of the more terrifying games to come out in a while.

[youtube id=”YWDQN_X5b-M” width=”600″ height=”350″]

So yeah, check out the kickstarter page, give it a play through, and toss it 15$ to get a preorder, this kind of innovative gameplay and story-telling is exactly what the gaming industry needs and what we as gamers need to support.

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