Top 5 Flop Predictions of 2013

Video games have been a growing trend over the past years. Gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. With gaming being on the rise more money has been able to be pushed into it and better games have been made! The progression of gaming has been nothing but amazing however, with the hobby becoming such a hit, there have also been some large games that have failed. Just like the movie industry, games are becoming known to flop. This is a sad thing that should not be glamorized but oh so true. Next-gen consoles are all the rage so actual games that are coming out this year are having a hard time standing out; especially those stuck in current-gen standings. Games that are being released for current-gen consoles almost automatically get a blind eye turned to them while the ones that are making it on next-gen hardware have a bar that is set almost too high to overcome. Greatness is set for the future of gaming this year but which games are bound to flop in the year 2013?

Ride to Hell: Retribution

Ride to Hell: Retribution

In case you didn’t hear, yes, this game is back in production and yes the game is coming out relatively soon. Ride to Hell has an amazing concept and probably the most potential to be a hit out of the list we have created because the game honestly sounds good. The problem we are having with this game is the fact that it was anticipated by so many and then announced to be canceled only to be picked back up again and not in a big way. There has been little seen about the upcoming release and if a game is not on anyone’s radar than its likelihood to flop is much greater. A push back in release date might actually end up being a good thing for Ride to Hell: Retribution if possible just to get people hyped and talking about it again. This game has a clear concept that could be pulled off in an amazing way, even to the point of reaching for a huge hit. But with how little has been seen or heard about it since its return the odds of this catching a significant amount of attention is nearly a no go. Not to mention that the game is set to release almost directly after all the huge AAA announcements of E3. The game could turn out to be really, very good but it’s a long shot compared to the lack of recent advertising and the timing of its release.

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

There should need to be much more said than ‘Leisure Suit Larry’ to know that the game might not be the best thing to purchase. May 31st marks the release of a revamped version of the classic game for its official release on Windows Steam, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Linux. Yes, this is a remake of the classic Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards but it will feature some new characters and puzzles. Luckily a significantly less amount of investment is needed for remakes because poor Larry doesn’t have a solid fan base in this day and age. After the big flop, negative press and extreme disappointment of Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust we are surprised to see his face in this industry again at all… even if it’s just a point-and-click remake making a mobile début. Needless to say this game probably won’t be the next biggest download.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Dear Nintendo, the year of Luigi is not what anyone is asking for; gamers are asking for games not the same old thing in a different color hat. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game that features the beloved Italian plumber and his very sleepy brother. It’s not the fact that the game isn’t set around Mario that makes this fly under the radar; it’s the fact that it is the same platformer style that gamers have grown to hate Nintendo for. Coming from a company that used to be on top, a company that had such a good reputation and that constantly delivered is now producing the same game over and over again. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. This game isn’t going to be resting in the hands of the hardcore audience that Nintendo needs to appeal to in order to survive. They need to get their act in gear, not only with the 3DS but with the Wii U system or else it will be more than just a game that’s a sure fire flop but a console and a once great company.

Fast & Furious: Showdown

Fast & Furious: Showdown

We bet that most players didn’t even know that there was a recent game coming out based after the hit blockbuster movie Fast & Furious. Well, to connect to the upcoming release of the Fast & Furious 6 movie, Activision is publishing a game. The game is set to release right along with the movie and rumor has it that the game will actual connect to the movie in some way. This doesn’t sound like a bad idea, if it was played right this game could have directly competed with EA’s dying franchise of Need for Speed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Activision set any expectation to run with the big dogs and haven’t invested much money into advertising or making sure that players know that this game is coming out. It seems like just a game based off of a great movie series that will hold the same reputation as other movie games. The most unfortunate thing about this is that Fast & Furious: Showdown would have had great potential if it was done correctly.

Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV has got to be the single most game of this generation to receive such negative attention before the actual release date. This supposed to be hit game has left players scratching their heads in astonishment. The development team that once created open-world gangster games that directly competed with industry superpower Grand Theft Auto, has sold-out to a corny president vs. alien sci-fyi creation concept. The problem Saints Row is facing is complicated. First off, their original fans are unimpressed and do nothing but bash the game for not remaining true to itself (Saints Row 1 and 2). Next, Saints Row: The Third did a wonderful job of appealing to a new audience which is now left disappointed in Saints row IV as well. They are disappointed in the game because it was announced to be created from an unreleased Saints Row: The Third DLC. These fans refuse to refer to the game as Saints Row IV and in turn are calling it Saints Row 3.5. That leaves a small amount of players left that have never played Saints Row to give it a try; some of which might and most of which think it looks cheesy and immature… When a game completely abandons their fan base then slaps a 60 dollar price tag on something that mirrors the DLC of the last game, there is really no way of success.

7 Comments on Top 5 Flop Predictions of 2013

  1. Really? Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is going to flop? You do realize the #1 selling game this year currently is Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon?

  2. George Spears // May 15, 2013 at 12:40 am // Reply

    Holy crap we have the same last name! That may seem like an odd thing to say but I don’t come across many “Spears” so you must get that “any relation to Britney” comment as well.

    Anyway on topic your list is actually pretty good, but I see one problem with it. FUSE isn’t anywhere on your list. I sense nothing but D.O.A. for it. Nothing at all. Maybe what was supposed to be a big blockbuster has become so obscure that you can’t even remember it. Ok remember Overstrike? That awesome looking original game that was showcased by Insomniac at E3 2010 I think it was. That got a bigger positive reaction from the crowd of journalists than any other game or hardware revealed there? Then remember that game disappearing off of the face of the earth and with it all information surrounding it?

    Followed by It’s completely new “re-reveal” that sucked the very soul and originality out of the amazing game we had all been waiting to hear more about from three years ago? Where they admitted that the reason was because of a focus group who didn’t like the way it was presented? So they changed it to Call of Duty squad based with darker Ratchet and Clank style weapons?
    Then they retracted their previous statement (probably after EA chewed them out) and said that the game just wasn’t “Going in the direction they had planned for it, so the change was needed”
    When has paying attention to a focus groups concerns over a room full of biased, well versed, needy gamers roaring applause EVER been a “Good thing” in the videogame industry? That game won’t get off the ground.

    Real shame because it actually looks like it may be a good game whether it is overstrike or not. I work in videogame retail and review games. I eat sleep and breathe videogames I completely FORGET about it entirely ALL THE TIME.

    Also people are having trouble remembering about Remember Me. A game can’t sell if you can’t remember it. Even if the very game is about a girl regaining her memories.

  3. Don’t forget the PS4. That entire system will be the end of Sony because of overhype that will never deliver.

  4. YUP!! ALL total flops! The biker would be cool if made by a different company!

  5. You must be new to gaming if you think Saints Row IV or ANYTHING with Mario or Luigi on the cover will flop.

    You know what big budget game will surely flop? Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

  6. And they don’t need to get they’re act together with the 3DS, it’s sales have been really good this year, on the Wii U you are totaly correct.

  7. I wonder how Mario and Luigi will hold up against the MONSTER CALL OF DUTY FRANCHISE with Ghosts coming out… to all the Nintendo fanboys that do not think any other platform fucking exists unless it is made by Nintendo! GET A LIFE or MOVE TO JAPAN!

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