Economy From Hell, RIP Diablo 3

Diablo 3, a game whose launch was plagued with server glitches and lack of promised features finally seemed like it was getting everything together, but in their latest patch a surprising, tragic, and silly glitch is leading to the crash of its economy.

This glitch is incredibly simple, so simple one has to question how this managed to pass under the radar at Blizzard. Apparently people are able to rack up ridiculous amounts of gold by simply canceling a transaction in the auction house. This however doesn’t just change gold from hand to hand, it actually creates a duplicate amount of gold.

Let me just restate that.

In the latest patch for Diablo 3, you can put gold up for auction, cancel the auction, and then you end up with double the gold from out of thin air.

Here’s a video of some annoying kid doing the “dupe” sorry for both the quality of video and the quality of this kid’s voice:

[youtube id=”SrWHPE-kQ7w” width=”600″ height=”350″]

It is absolutely insane that this was able to happen, especially given the fact that gold in Diablo 3 can translate to REAL MONEY!

Yes, in case you didn’t know, people pay real money in the Diablo 3 auction house to trade both items and gold within the games economy. This glitch, as you can guess, has thrown the economy into a “Zimbabwean-esque” state of hyperinflation. People that have toiled for hours, and are actually trying to make a living playing Diablo 3, have had all those hours of work erased. Within hours of seeing this glitch, prices on everything tanked with gold originally being worth about .25$ per million gold to .25$ per 100 million gold.

Blizzard has since taken down the real money and gold auction houses and has claimed to fix the problem, with server maintenance going on right now. However, just fixing the problem doesn’t exactly fix the problem. Many players amassed hundreds of trillions of gold using this exploit, so just stoping the duping will still leave the game’s economy in shambles.

Several players have taken to the streets, or forums, the streets of the internet, to urge Blizzard to do a full reset on the servers back to when the patch was released and ban any player who knowingly took advantage of the exploit.

This is absolutely the right call, granted that it could have happened unintentionally, if a player did it once the ban should not be imposed, but multiple infractions is analogous to fraud and, with real money involved, the least that should happen to these players is a lifetime ban from Diablo 3.

Does this spell the end for Diablo 3?

What’s your take on how Blizzard is handling “Gold Dupe ’13”?

How do you think violators should be punished?

Let us know in the comments and hopefully this will all be sorted soon.

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