EA Strikes Back with EA Star Wars… Battlefront 3, KOTOR 3?

EA Star wars Good or Bad

Please before we talk about the positive aspect of this acquisition might I just rant and ramble a little bit. If you don’t mind I am a little frazzled about EA Star Wars. Ok so when I first heard the news of EA games buying the rights of the Star Wars license for video games; thus EA Star Wars was born. I vomited in my mouth, wished the 2012 apocalypse would’ve happened and well I am crying myself to sleep and giving up on life.

After a good bowl of chocolate ice cream my nerves are calmer, but what the hell was Disney thinking? UGH!!! Star Wars has made some big splashes in the news the last couple of years. Disney scoops up the Star Wars property, new sequels are announced, LucasArts gets shut down, and now this… EA Star Wars; really!? It was bound to happen, you know the big let down and all. It started with LucasArts closing and now an evil EA empire has the rights to publish Star Wars video games. Just have to stay positive about this, I guess. Let’s think of the good that could happen with this. You know like what if the PS4/Xbox Fusion saw Battlefront 3 or the PC saw a true KOTOR entry.

Frostbite 2.0 …Battlefront 3

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… Frostbite 2.0 hits next gen consoles with the one game to rule them all, Battlefront 3. This could be the most epic game ever. Even if the game was a FPS a la Battlefield 4 with a Star Wars paint job. I would seriously love to see this and on next gen, ahhh…. cheesecaked in my pants. FORGET dinosaurs are you kidding me EA games can underhand this to DICE and watch it as it flies out of the ballpark. Both games are similar in style and seeing that DICE is doing an amazing job with battlefield… why not put that Star Wars in front of it? After all look what Angry Birds did with their latest installment!

EA Star Wars funny meme

Perhaps the biggest understatement is how amazing this game would be. Even if it wasn’t Battlefront, but a whole new franchise. Please note that EA did own the brilliant minds behind the Battlefront series in Pandemic Studios and perhaps could muster the crew up together for another title. I apologize if I am bouncing around my ideas but anything with Star Wars and Frostbite 2.0 should get ALL OF US EXCITED!


It is from my understanding that the Mass Effect series could be done with? No so what now…??? YES KOTOR 3 should and must happen now! As in right now, develop it develop it please. Bioware is working on some kind of Mass Effect project. However, we should note that the team is huge! They also did the Old Republic, and yea that left fans a little upset. You know with the monthly fees and all.

EA Star Wars Revan

Yet MMORPG’s are a dying breed and everyone is playing this new Free-to-Play model. So get your number 4 hitter up to bat and hit the game winner. Bioware working on a new Star Wars project would be the silver lining in EA’s pocket. If that doesn’t get the evil empire you excited what will?

Of course both of these titles need to be done right, not like that Aliens: Colonial Marines bullish*t!

Do you have any Star Wars games you would like to see EA publish? Please let it be known in the comments below my fellow Jedi Masters/Sith Lords. What do you think of EA Star Wars and was EA Star Wars a good move for Disney?

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