9 Star Wars Games for May the Fourth and Revenge of the Fifth

May the 4th be with you

It’s May the fourth, you know what that means… this is the article you were looking for. May the fourth be with you my young padawans, we have gathered 9 titles you can play today and tomorrow. Tommorrow??? Of course you know because it is Revenge of the Fifth. And check out the best Star Wars games here.

May the Fourth be With You

Rouge Squadron II: Rogue Leader

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One of the best titles found on the GameCube Rouge Squadron II. This also happens to be one of my personal favorites on the list fly ships from the rebel alliance or the imperial fleet. Follow Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles as they look to throw a wrench in the Evil Empire’s plan. Travel from space flights to planetary battles and enjoy some of the best battles this side of the galaxy. If you are tempted to turn to the dark side you can always fly Vaders ship as well… of course you will have to unlock 15 gold medals.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast

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From the Dark Forces series which later would evolve into the Jedi Knight Series. Kyle Katarn’s life has seen the ups and downs of the force play into his saga. Known as the Han Solo Jedi this guy can blast his way through Storm Troopers or swing his lightsaber to make his rebel alliance known. Jedi Outcast hits all of the high points in the series and truly gives PC fans and those lucky enough to own on consoles a reason to play on May the fourth. Of course since LucasArts has closed these games are now free thanks to being put on the internet as open source code! Thanks again Ravensoft!

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

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The game that started it all… Lego Star Wars of course. Without this entry in the series no Lego games would be known as mainstream titles in the gaming industry. The complete Saga takes the best of the original titles and mashes them together so any mom, poppa or youngling can play as a Jedi. With co-op why not grab your little brother or sister and slash or blast your way through the imperial forces? Kick some bricks from 1 through 6… so catchy.

Angry Birds Star Wars

[youtube id=”l6lYFO_tKlE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Angry Birds have invaded the Star Wars universe in this entry of the series. Bringing familiar sounds and locales to the Angry Birds Star Wars game. The rebel alliance will feel right at home playing this title. Defeating the pigs cosplaying as Darth Vader and the imperial army has never been so fun! Keep an open mind and take an adventure and destroy the dreaded Death Pig.

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