New Grand Theft Auto V Information with 20 New Screenshots

With a plethora of new previews surfacing across the internet, Gamersbliss has taken the most important information for you and compiled it into an easy to read list!


You can purchase property; including businesses for extra revenue

GTA V will feature a new phone, called the iFruit, which can be used to snap pictures, use the internet, check your contacts, use social media, use calendars, and replay missions. Rockstar has yet to reveal the other three apps to be included.

Characters can now roll between cover

Characters can rob liquor stores and ATMs

New activities include yoga, golf, tennis, bike races, triathlons, stunt jumps, and flying challenges.

Characters can also pick up hitchhikers

Side missions will return

Hunting animals returns from Red Dead Redemption

Citizens will be more responsive. Calling the police, filming you, or even go vigilant and take you down themselves.

Player Customization – tattoos, haircuts, and clothing

Vehicle Customization – paintjobs, wheels, window tints, grills, spoilers, and performance upgrades

Weapon Customization – silencers, scopes, magazines, lasers, and more.

Police System will be the same, except it is no longer a six star system. You can now hide inside the radius as long as you are not in the line of sight of the police.

Each character has certain stats, as in San Andreas, Including Stamina, Shooting, Strength, Stealth, Flying, Driving, Mechanic, Lung Capacity.

Each character has a special. Trevor has a frenzy mode, Michael has bullet time, and Franklin has adrenaline junkie, which slows down time while driving. All specials are drained via meter.

Skills can be improved by completing missions, side missions, activities, etc.

Health will be regenerated up to 50%, after that you need find health.


The Map is NOT landlocked and will be surrounded by water.

3.5 times the size of Red Dead Redemption map, 5 times if you include underwater areas

Underwater ecosystem with fish and sharks

Treasures, shipwrecks, sharks, and more can be found underwater

Unique wildlife to fit areas.


Game revolves around heists

Recruitment for heists, choosing vehicles, weapons, outfits, etc.

Hiring same crew will allow them to improve their skills.

Visual and audio alerts from crew members


Combat will be greatly improved. Almost like Max Payne 3 style of combat


Can play your multiplayer character in single player

Each character moves slightly different

Greater variety in pedestrians

Can switch between characters during cutscenes

If you die you reload to the last checkpoint, even if other characters are still alive.

Can’t switch between characters will wanted by police

Grand Theft Auto V releases September 17, 2013.

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