How to transfer save data from Dead Island to Dead Island: Riptide

Wondering how your character from the original Dead Island will fare against the new threats in Dead Island: Riptide? Look no further than for the news and guides that gamers think no one covers, here is how you can transfer your character from one game to another but be warned this guide has some good news and bad news.

Let’s first mention a very important factor to note that your characters skills will be the only thing that transfers over, so your weapons, items and unlocked blueprints won’t be in the new game since the blueprints may have changed and are most likely different the second time around.

Some skills that wont be transferred over include new skills added to the unique character trees things like Sprint, Faster Get-up etc (The most important things you would need… it’s sad we know.)

Keep in mind also that if you transfer over a high level character don’t expect to slice and breeze through the game the enemies will be matched to your level giving you gamers who think their slick a run for your money. And to make things worse your high level weapons can’t be used so our Zed’s Katana is going to stay in storage until further notice.

Transferring characters is so easy a zombie can do it:

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