10 Pre-Owned Games Under 10 Dollars You Should Play: Best Buy Edition

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Hello fellow gamers, today we will be rounding up 10 great games you might not have played for under 10 dollars. These games are all pre-owned and can be purchased from Best Buy for under 10 dollars. Check out our last entry which listed 10 games under 10 dollars from GameStop. We want to help you build up your library or play a great game and take it back to put it towards another game. Remember to ask your grandma for money politely, you might just find your new favorite game on our list.

Before you read — Keep in mind that Best Buy is having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on pre-owned games! Also please note that some of the multi platform games might vary in price.

Brutal Legend $7.99 (PS3/360)

Brutal Legend Best Buy

Jack Black portrays the lovable Eddie Riggs who soon find himself in a world full of metal… heavy metal. The epic vision from none other than Tim Schafer. You might remember that name from the now extinct LucasArts. With great gameplay and a killer soundtrack, Brutal Legend is a must play for any gamer into Metallica, Black Sabbath, Motorhead or Judas Priest.

PS3 Version Rock out for $7.99 this game is a must buy!

360 Version Rock out for $7.99 this game is a must buy!

Darksiders $4.99 (PS3/360)

Darksiders Best Buy

Continuing the epic factor Darksiders gave gamers on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 some bang for their buck. Follow War as he held accountable for the execution of Mankind on Earth and his struggle to clean his name. Darksiders feels as if the code was stripped straight from The Legend of Zelda and offers unique puzzles and gameplay not found in most of todays titles. After your done with this title check out one of the best games of 2012, Darksiders 2 and follow Wars brother DEATH!

Please note the PS3 Version is 17.99

360 Version For only 4.99 get your Apocolypse on!

Heavenly Sword $9.99 (PS3)

Heavenly Sword Best Buy

Where is Heavenly Sword 2 at? This is one of the best titles on the PS3, yet it never gets brought up ever. WHY? Why doesn’t this game ever get brought up during a PS3 conversation, honestly I would like to know! This game engulfs the player with an amazing art style and jaw dropping environments along with kickass gameplay. So why haven’t you played it? You’re a PS3 fan right… go play and tell other PS3 fans… PLAY THIS GAME! 

$9.99 let’s you play a heavenly game!

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