10 Pre-Owned Games Under 10 Dollars You Should Play: GameStop Edition

Games Under 10 Dollars

Hello fellow gamers, today we will be rounding up 10 great games you might not have played for under 10 dollars. These games are all pre-owned and can be purchased from GameStop (not the best store ever) for under 10 dollars. Helping you build up your library or even allow you to play a great game and take it back to put it towards another game. Remember if you take it back before the store policy for used games you can score another game, and why not we are all struggling in this economy. So get your piggy bank out and start counting, you might just find your new favorite game.

The Saboteur $9.99 (PS3/360/PC)


Pandemic Studios went out with a bang and a loud one at that. This title was met with mediocre reviews but any art lover has to play this great title. Based in 1940’s your job as Sean Delvin is to go into nazi occupied France and help the french resistance. This in turn allows you to sabotage everything that the Nazi’s are doing to oppress the people of Paris. You will see the visuals change as you free France from its fascist invaders as the world changes from black and white to a world full of color.

For only 9.99 this game is a must buy!

Red Faction: Guerilla $4.99 (PS3/360/PC)


Red Faction: Guerilla shook up everything people loved about the FPS and made it into a sandbox game on Mars. Oddly enough it felt more like a sci-fi Grand Theft Auto title. Which isn’t a bad thing, enjoy your trip  to the red planet and see some of the best destruction a video game has to offer. Gravity plays a big role on destruction as buildings will start to give way over time. Get your demolition gear ready and blow some stuff up!

For only 4.99 get your uprising on!

Ghostbusters $9.99 (PS3/360/PC)


One of my personal favorites after asking for a true sequel fans will have to make due with the video game until a new movie is made. Everything that made the movies great are found in the game, including the original cast. With great story elements, voice over work and action Ghostbusters is a must experience and for under 10 dollars you money would be well spent. Just keep in mind that the 10 hour experience might be a little short. So keep your receipt handy as you might want to take the title back after you conclude your experience as the 5th Ghostbuster.

For only $9.99 don’t miss out on getting Slimer!

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