Top 5 things in Gaming we Wish were Real

wish was Real

Have you ever once sat there playing one of your favorite games while wishing something on that particular game was real? It happens to the best of us and because this is such a common thing for gamers to think about we thought it would be a good idea to accumulate the top 5 things in gaming that make us feel this way. Whether it is a particular skill like Mario’s ground pound or something as effective as a potion, there are things that are so extraordinary in gaming that just aren’t realistic in our actual everyday lives. It takes a lot of imagination to make things come to life in video games but wouldn’t it be neat if these great thoughts were sitting in the palm of our actual hands? So, when looking at gaming as a whole which items in which games are the things that would wish for most to appear in actuality?

Power Star- Most games featuring Mario and gang

Power Star wish was Real

The Power Star is one of the most incredible inventions in gaming. This little star makes you invincible upon touch. It will cast a glow over your body that will make you indestructible. Think about it, the Power Star isn’t just limited to your body as Mario Kart has proved to us that yes this useful luminary shapes will also possess your vehicle. When you are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on your way home from work use a Power Star and bam, your problem is solved. Suffering from bullying? Not to worry your Power Star will assure your young mind that no bully will touch or steal your lunch money again! If the Power Star were real it would solve a lot of everyday problems it might even make your live a breeze… that is until they wear off.

Forgive & Forget- Saints Row 1-2

Forgive and Forget wish was Real

Forgive & Forget was one of the most amazing shops that anyone could ever think of. Do a crime and you don’t have to do the time. In Saints Row 1 and Saints Row 2 these drive through confessionals were a must for getting out of those exciting 5 star police chases. Forgive & Forget let you pay cash for the crimes you committed and let you walk away a free man or woman. Rob a liquor store; that could be forgotten with no criminal charges at Forgive & Forget. Unfortunately, they were taken out of the game in Saints Row: The Third and replaced with a cell phone number which was still cool but not as exciting as narrowly escaping police capture by making your way through the brackets of Forgive & Forget. If Forgive & Forget was real it would probably make the world a much worse place to live in but it would still be so damn cool.

Vigors/ Plasmids- BioShock series

BioShock Vigors wish was Real

The BioShock series is known for how absolutely cool the protagonist weapon choices are. In BioShock Infinite in particular the player has guns of course, one of the coolest melee hooks for gruesome executions and we cannot forget the infamous Vigors. Vigors (much like Plasmids) are like elemental powers and abilities that players are able to shoot out of their hand. The powers range from electricity to murdering crows; anything is possible with the drinking of Vigor. These come in handy for combat and getting out of sticky situations. If Vigors or Plasmids were real in real life imagine the possibilities. Forget wishing for superpowers to be brought in to actuality when you could have Vigors. The differences between the two are simple, stuck with a superpower your whole life or build your powers by drinking multiple drinks? You would be unstoppable; or at least be able to light your BBQ with the snap of a finger.

Mutiple Lives- Most every video game ever made

1 up  wish was Real

It wouldn’t be an appropriate list without adding the fact that in most every video game under the sun the player will get multiple lives. If multiple lives were real the world would be made up of risk takers and ‘fun-havers’. Things that once seemed scary or dangerous would be a walk in the park. Having multiple lives would only make the life that you are living more enjoyable because there would never, ever be a fear of death lingering over your shoulder. If you wanted to know what it felt like to jump out of a skyscraper without a parachute then you could. If you wanted to play a real life version of Forger and run across a fast moving freeway just for the hell of it, the option of doing so without dying would be possible. Having multiple lives would open up a world of option for you to take risks without worry. There is no arguing about how cool this would be.


if Pokemon were real

There is no doubt that if you are a Pokémon fan, then you have asked yourself ‘what would be the first thing you would do if Pokémon were real?’ You probably have though if you could only have 6 which 6 would they be and have probably contemplated what you would actually do with your Pokémon; would you be a trainer, put them in shows, a breeder, ect. Would it not be the coolest thing in the world if Pokémon were real? Think about having a super neat little pet, a partner in crime, a little creature to love forever except your little friend had unimaginable powers. Think about the things they could help you with outside of battling, the problems you face in everyday life that they could solve. Forget driving to work, you’re flying type Pokémon will get you where you need to be. Worried about washing your car? Any water type Pokémon could help you with the job. Want to eat but don’t have the time to cook? Any fire type Pokémon will get the job done fast. If Pokémon were real life would not only be a easier place to live but it would be a happier place to live.

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